7 year old is the Worlds Greatest Drummer | Taiko no Tatsujin – The Japanese Drumming Game

Taiko no Tatsujin 太鼓の達

The Taiko drumming game gets its roots from playing the musical drum, which is a popular thing that is played in Japan. The arcade version of the game is a 1-2 player game consisting of two big taiko drums and a large screen. Each player has its own drum and two drum sticks. The game can also be played as a one player game where you use one of the drums. I have seen people that are really good at this game using both drums to play, there may be a setting for the game which allows one person to play two drums at once. It’s nothing that I have ever looked for since the menus are all in Japanese. We normally just keep to the basic game play, of one vs. one mode. A typical game consists of three songs, with most songs having different grades of difficulty. In two player mode you both can choose your own difficulty level while playing the same song.
Object of the game

The drum has two parts that can be hit with the drum sticks, the main section of the drum and the outer rim of the drum. On the screen you will see symbols moving across the screen and when they go past the left handside of the screen you hit the drum in the way that corresponds to the symbol. Small red faces mean one hit of the centre of the drum and the small blue face means you the outer side side of the drum. The drum strikes will go in rhymthm to the music that you’ve chosen to play to. There are also other variation of symbols, like a big red or blue face, which means you hit the drum with both sticks at once.
Versions of the game

The game has been released on many different platforms, like Playstation, Nintendo wii and iOS devices. A review of the iOS version of the game will becoming soon to the blog.
There have been many releases in Japan with updates, like new music etc. The game has also been released once in North America, going by the name of “Taiko: Drum Master” and is available as a Playstation 2 game, which came out 2004. The nature of the game being you are playing a Japanese drum makes the main market target of the game is Japan.

The main mascots of the drums is Don who has the red face icon and Kat that has the blue face icon. There are also other colourful face icons that appear, like the yellow one and the red one, but the main mascots are the red and blue face icons. Products in the shape of drums with the colourful faces are available, like Happy Meal toys, plush toys and so on.

The music is normally a mixture of j-pop songs, classical music, children’s songs and songs made just for game use.


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  • I have my own my bachi

  • in Asia, this is not even special since everyone here is a god at video games (I'm okay only :c)

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    If u wanna know the song, the song is called soft tanks march

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  • #太鼓の達人

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    this is what they test you on in japan when you enroll your kid in elementary school

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    This kid : i'll show you what is called asian kid

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  • Greetings from Indonesia🇮🇩, Southeast Asian.

    I'm 20 Year Old… and Nothing can beat the greatness of this Kid 7 Year Old.

  • the way the kid smiled though after you praised him definitely made him happy that you acknowledged his skill at that time

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  • It’s funny how I discovered this video 2 years later after the original release and people are still commenting. Also this is very common to see in japan knowing that I saw many people playing harder songs than this on the arcade and being able to play that song on the same difficulty with no problem at all

  • The patterns are pretty simple. Not the best in the world persay but hes kinda good at least.

  • Bro hes better than me at taiko on easy difficulty

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    No even close to best drummer in the world