All Mutants and Monsters in Metro Exodus 2019

The mutants and monsters in Metro Exodus looks really awesome! After I fully recorded the game with special encounters with these creatures (took me several days to achieve all of these encounters) I decided to make this original video where I show all the encounters with these special creatures mutated due to nuclear impact. I really hope you like! Much love!

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  • Idk the gore, the battlesounds and movment sounds, the footage looks kinda slow an false, i like M2033:LL, better.

  • This game looks like a Beta. It is horribly unfinished.

  • I noticed a distinct lack of demons.
    Did they not have any demons in this game?
    Eh where my flying tiger monsters at?

  • As a professional pussywad, the first time doing the underground spider mission took four times of my brain shutting down and having a panic attack.

  • whos the bot that gave this gameplay?

  • When The Bear Gets Knocked Of The Cliff And Climbs Back Up The Guy Hanging Off Was Like “ OH MY GOD YOU’VE BENN SET OFF FIRE FALLEN OFF A CLIFF PLEASE JUST DIE ALREADY”

  • Did anyone encounter the flying demons? I didn’t see one

  • The face of the bear in the Thumbnail remind me of the face of Metro from Real Steel

  • Wtf…what a rush

  • Nobody
    My imagination when im trying to sleep without nightmares

  • Mr.JMr.J

    Author Reply

    This game is so fucking good

  • So fallout 4 but on crack

  • I have every Stalker game made and the first two Metro games all played through at least 2 or 3 times, so I was eagerly anticipating this one because I had read that some original members of the Stalker game team were behind it and it looked Stunning. I decided to wait until Steam reacquired it and put it on sale. Worth the wait, but as this video shows in excellent detail, this game is not for the weak!! I will have to focus all the strategies, experience and the abilities I possess as a long time gamer to thoroughly Devour this incredible scary *ss game. Yum!:):):)

  • Un oso radioactivo que piola


    Author Reply

    This game scared the shit out of me

  • In Russia, we fight bears with pure bod, and the size of 2 SUVs stacked on each other

  • Sooo farcry plus fallout. Lit.

  • One of the most horrific after effects to a nuclear blast is the deformations and mutilations of the things far enough to survive, but close enough to get irradiated.

  • The bear level on the little island was so annoying because you needed to die on a certain point

  • Dude I'm currently playing that and I'm at the gorilla's and i couldn't bro this game is fucking scary as hell

  • 8:11 Nosalis??

  • "there is no escape from the fortress of the moles!"

  • The firts mutant it's like Resident Evil 4

  • 4:46
    my favourite word right now