Are Batman Game Boy Games Worth Playing? Game Review

Are Batman Game Boy Games Worth Playing?
Let’s take a look at all the Batman games that came out for the original Game Boy: Batman the video game , The Joker Returns , Batman The Animated Series and Batman Forever how much difference in pricing and how the games developed by Sunsoft Konami & akklaim differ from each other .

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  • You didn't cover any of the Batman games for GBC 😑

  • Shoulda added Batman Beyond – Return of the Joker GBC game into this review.

  • beleive me i know what iam saying just : batman ret of the joker best ! the other version is just horrible
    i did many speedrun on it batman retofjoker :

  • Batman Movie & Batman The Animated Series

  • I wish I had as many subscribers as you! Maybe one day when I’m a little older. Great work!

  • Ohh man thanks for the info on these games 🙂 Love me some Gameboy content

  • Awesome video! I still have my boxed copy of Batman the Animated Series on the OG Gameboy. It is definitely a great game and has help up well over time.

  • I loved the animated series!

  • Thankd fot anothet great video. Some of the batman games are just bad man 🙂

  • Never played any of these. Always loved batman for NES and Batman returns for snes. I will check out a couple of those gameboy versions. Not Batman Forever. It sucks on every vesion available ever! Lol. Cool video Ed!

  • The first one actually looks really cool. Need to pick that one up 🙂

  • Haha! Batman Land! Mario in a Batman costume, with a gun. Return of the Joker was great on the Game Boy . It's the best one. Great video, dude. 😎

  • Great video–and I seriously was not aware that there were so many Game Boy Batman games.That Batman Forever looks soooo rough! Was that just some average Joe taking all that damage?

  • I played the hell out of Batman Forever on the PS1. It was very arcade style. I thought it was fun. Looks nothing like the Gameboy version. Batman Forever was my favorite movie as a kid so it will always have a soft spot in my heart lol

  • Return of the Joker is one of my favorite GB games. Just as good as the NES version. Still not completed it though.. OMG, Batman forever looks horrible haha..

  • Love it! You should do more reviews if you can find the time. Try to take more hidden gems as well, stuff that you rarely find reviews for.

  • Sorry man just got a car today before work. I like the Batman beyond gbc port

  • Nice review! I love Batman!

  • Nice vid Ed! I just put a bid in for the Animated Batman for $25 w free shipping. All of the other offers were from out of the country. Fingers crossed lol

  • Nice video dude I completely agree with your opinions on these ones. 😎

  • I liked the batman animated one tho 😀 I remember 'chaos in Gotham '

  • Loves the Batman the movie game and the animated series too

  • Awesome list of Batman games! Loved them! I need to pickup another gameboy

  • Still love that batman the movie game. Soundtrack is kickass. Still need to play that on Vuile Casuals, but we haven't gotten around to recording Gameboy.

  • These graphics are better than the arkham asylum series

  • Als Batman fan, vind ik het vreemd dat ik niet zoveel van deze Gameboy spellen af weet. Zo zie ik voor het eerst de '90 beelden en verdomd waar: Het is net een soort Mario Land van die periode. The Return Of The Joker ziet er wel magistraal uit! Prachtig! Die moet zeker in de collectie. Vreemd dat er geen Batman Returns is uitgegeven voor het systeem. En die Batman Forever film vond ik als kind al niet te pruimen en het spel was helemaal knudde. Wat een afgang. Nee geef mij de Burton films maar 🙂 Leuke, korte en bondige reviews! Twee duimen omhoog!

  • I love most of the batman gameboy games. I'm not good at em though 😂