ASUS GameFirst III Overview With JJ

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  • my eye hert

  • Gonna hate the marketing-talking people… Get real ffs

  • This installs fine on older generations like Z87 but they didn't update it on the download page of the motherboards.

  • love the software but NOT EVERYONE HAS A FU*KING iphone lol …. i cant stand apples ios ….

  • Just the usual Asus bloated junk! In fact, if you install everything from Asus that comes with their motherboards, probably 75% of it simply doesn't work! – Dual intelligent Processor 5 – HANGS and won't reboot, ASUS Intel Xtreme Tuning – HANGS – doesn't work. Most of the other stuff is just useless, better to just tweak everything in the BIOS – How this guy JJ can sit there and spout this garbage is beyond me!

  • every time i click the [Network Monitor] option in GameFirst III… the program crashes.. I've never actually seen what's in that window til this video. 🙁

  • How to download the software after format my ASUS ROG Laptop?

  • so basically, if i wanted to prioritize a game, i would go into game, and set my game to highest?

  • My gamefirst is not working what do i do ?

  • white guy has great skin. not a wrinkle in that huge forehead.

  • I had trouble with Elder Scroll Online, and disable the GameFirst from msconfig. Everything works fine now.

  • how do you reinstall the app I cant find it any were

  • Where can I download this for asus z170 pro gaming?

  • how do i redownload this thing i deleted it thinking it was useless but know all my games are lagging or stuttering

  • I have ASUS ROG GL552JX(with GameFirst III). Where I can finddownload this software?

  • GameFirst III Network Monitor always crashing the software >:-|

  • steam and obs uses the most for me

  • I've found that GameFirst works with Overwatch if you run the program, launch Overwatch, and then set Overwatch's priority to "highest"

    I came on here hoping to find out how to set Overwatch to "highest" permanently so I wouldn't have to manually make that change every time.

  • If you play overwatch then remove this software

  • This bloatware broke the Overwatch beta.

  • My game first 3 wont open when i click on ASUS ROG Gaming Center how can I open it manually in folder?