Here’s a quick video of my DIY board game table topper. If you don’t have the room, space, or money for a dedicated board gaming table, a table topper is the next best thing. A table top gaming mat can be rolled up for storage or travel, and the best part, it won’t break your wallet.

Come join me at the table and check out my DIY board game table topper

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  • Thanks for the mat making tips. Also love the thumbnails for your videos, very clear 😍

  • Very cool idea. I have also been doing some research on making a DIY board game table topper (which is why I stumbled upon this video) with plywood and some other materials, may have to use this idea for the play area.

  • daysdays

    Author Reply

    such a breath of fresh air compared to all these video game videos… i cant get into those…

  • Hey there I found you on reddit youtubers coming to check out this video and I’m loving the board gaming mat. I never thought of that but then again I made my own mouse pad it never hit me to make something for our board games. GG

  • Hey there. I thought i would share this company with you. all about sustainability

  • Very cool idea for a video. Have you thought about sewing the layers together, or at least the top 2 layers?

  • Great idea; looks pretty pro to us