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Cách Điều Trị Mụn Viêm, Mụn Bọc Hiệu Quả Nhất TPHCM Tại Hiền Vân Spa _ Minh Khôi I Bài 316

Bất kì bạn nào bị mụn bọc cũng mong muốn sớm tìm được cách trị mụn bọc hiệu quả và nhanh nhất. Vì mụn bọc xuất hiện sẽ gây ra tình trạng đau nhức và kém tự tin. Mụn bọc xuất hiện khiến bạn bị mất điểm trước người yêu, chồng/vợ, khách hàng. Phụ nữ thường dễ tự ti vì nhan sắc hơn cánh màu râu. Do đó Hiền sẽ chia sẻ cho các bạn những cách trị mụn bọc cực kì hiệu quả.

Hiền Vân SPA chuyên điều trị mụn bọc, Mụn viêm, Mụn mủ, Mụn cám, Mụn đầu đen. Hiệu quả ngay sau lần điều trị đầu tiên.
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Chuyên điều trị Thâm ,Sẹo rỗ, Lỗ chân lông to, Nám, Tàn nhang, Đốm nâu, Đồi mồi. Cam kết hiệu quả sau một lần điều trị, an toàn da khỏe đẹp, căng bóng mịn màng.

– HIỀN VÂN SPA sở hữu hệ thống dịch vụ làm đẹp đẳng cấp nhất trên thị trường trong nước và quốc tế hiện nay như: giảm béo Contri Ultrashape, Hifu Lipo, Ultherapy Hoa Kỳ, Laser Nano Plus, Tắm trắng phun phủ Nano, công nghệ Lighttherapy, Công nghệ triệt lông hiện đại nhất hiện nay Diode Laser…

– Tại HIỀN VÂN SPA, mỗi một cá nhân là một nhân tố quan trọng góp phần tạo nên thành công của cả một thương hiệu. 100% đội ngũ bác sỹ, kỹ thuật viên tại HIỀN VÂN SPA đều là những chuyên viên cao cấp trong ngành thẩm mỹ, dày dặn kỹ năng chuyên môn, kinh nghiệm trong nghề, nhưng trên tất cả là lòng nhiệt huyết và đam mê với ngành làm đẹp.

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Hotline / Zalo: 0903.887.049 – Email: hienvanspa@gmail.com

➡ 11 Phan Văn sửu. P 13, Q Tân Bình, TP.HCM
➡ Bác sĩ tư vấn 24/07: 0903 887 049
➡ Facebook:

♥ Hiền Vân Spa :Cách điều trị mụn ẩn, mụn viêm,mụn bọc,mụn đầu đen,mụn cám, mụn u nang

♥ Hiền Vân Spa :Review cảm nhận khách hàng sau liệu trình điều trị

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  • Check out this video of this customer yesterday!

  • 😳😬😣🤮👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️

  • Was Minh Khoi able to receive all the treatments he needed? How was his outcome?

  • One of the best zit popping videos I've saw, and believe me, I've saw quite a few.

  • I feel so sad for this patient. I think it is time to see the physician.

  • such a professional job! kudos to you. I was total amazed by the size of the acne that you extracted. WOW

  • If this were another of YouTube's big stars, Dr. SL, she would have grabbed her needles, xylocaine, scalpel and sutures and just ploughed right on over this boy's face with her comodone extractor, leaving a mess that would scar like crazy. She takes very limited time and doesn't do anything with patience or thoroughness. Just send them out the door with pills and take the money… and now I see Dr. SL has a skin care line of her very own! That should tell the entire world exactly who she is and what she wants: a greedy butcher who cares about the money, and making herself look good on camera. Hien, on the other hand, is very clearly dedicated to giving her clients excellent care with minimal exposure to means that will leave scars, both physical and emotional. To kids this age, having a face as infected as that is a social nightmare, and scars are even worse. Given a choice between gentle, thorough caring treatment and a money machine who leaves scarred people in her wake, which would you choose….?

  • Please just keep your professional work on going…..you are helping so many clients….they need you….Blessings…..🙏👠👠

  • Man he has some good acne for us pimple popper addicts. Huge acne and its deep. Hope he finds relief and some medicine to help him.

  • OmGosh! His skin is SO DRY & irritated! I feel SO BAD for him!!!! That looks like it would be so incredibly uncomfortable 😣 If anyone can help him, it’s you Híên Vân!!! 💜💜💜

  • Glad to see that Hien's technique improved since 2019. The ones that pop out like rice are my fav! This is one of Hien's best videos ever! 18:07–18:15 Perfection!

  • I'm not professional, but isn't it better with such severe acne to see a doctor 🧐🤔😕, treat with antibiotics 🔬💊💉and the like? The boy has a lot of torn face skin and bruises. Poor…. 😟😩😱😖🤧

  • Where the skin is purple, isn't that a broken vein!??

  • This is the best acne video ever!

  • That's a lot of pustules

  • Learn how to position your hands right so you can squeeze

  • How does one grow such enormous acne plugs and not want to get them out?

  • You sure have taught me a lot about acne and how most people out their do not complete the extractions. This kid is lucky to have you and you professionalisms

  • Number one it's not that the acne is very fat it's that you're very small but okay, she loves talk about her skill set but I don't think she's allowed to do any cutting surgery that would really clean out without scarring too much because she could Stitch but she doesn't therefore she has to tear everything up to get to where she's going with a needle and that's not going to work with something this severe so sit down

  • Oh my

  • Poor boy

  • オェーきたな〜

  • 😨😨😨😨

  • At least you get the acne out lots of places only take out part of the acne and it takes longer to heal it looks like very hard work

  • kudos and bravo.

  • No