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Carat Bong + Seventeen Lightstick App

♡ Steps ♡
1. On your cellphone, turn on Bluetooth and Location (Note: not all devices need to have location on, but try it if you’re having trouble connecting)
2. Press and hold down Carat Bong button until it flashes a bunch of different colours (hold for around 10 seconds)
3. Open Seventeen Light Stick App
4. Press “START” to let the app search for the device
5. Once it flashes blue, press the “COMPLETED REGISTRATION PRODUCT” button
6. App will update your Carat Bong
7. Turn off Bluetooth/Location and repeat the steps from 1-5

Seventeen Light Stick on Android

Seventeen Light Stick on iOS

Background for my phone from wonwoo17_tb

Some reputable places to buy a carat bong (not sponsored at all; be careful of buying fake carat bongs, especially from eBay and AliExpress). A lot of places are sold out right now (written 20180311), but will most likely restock in the future

– (USA only)

– (best if you’re in Singapore only cause shipping is $$$, this is where i got mine even though I’m from Canada [I needed a carat bong before the concert in 2017 haha])

How to spot a fake carat bong

I filmed this on my bed cause I was lazy so sorry for any shakiness!



* If my social media links aren’t working it’s probably cause I changed my username (I do that often), if that’s the case please check my channel page for the most up to date SNS links ♡

♡ Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7
♡ Microphone: Rode VideoMic with Rycote Lyre
♡ Microphone for Voice-over: Blue Yeti
♡ Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

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♡ Nana

Disclaimer: All opinions are of my own and products are purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated.


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  • my carat bong wont connect with it im sad 😭

  • XyaXya

    Author Reply

    I would definitely buy carat bong this year. 💕

  • Donde puedo conseguir el lighstick??

  • StacyStacy

    Author Reply

    I didn't get this light stick I got the monsta x one today but since im a multi Stan WHY NOT it wouldn't hurt to get another one j jk im broke

  • And as such what is that thing for? Does it not play music or anything?

  • Where did u get yours? I’ve been trying to get one but I’m scared of being scammed🤧

  • Sigh, my stupid ass is sitting here, $60 gone to waste because I bought a fake on accident

  • I know this is rly weird…..
    The lightstick is the reason why im a carat

  • My app is in Korean which i can't read unfortunately

  • …i have a question…Why exactly does this vido have dislikes?

  • I love watching lightstick unboxing and videos about lightstick because I don't have one hahajahahjaks

  • N SN S

    Author Reply

    Mines not working and I’m going to their concert next week! 😭😫


  • I wonder how much the carat bong is?

  • Something is wrong with my carat bong :(((

    Srry for my English, I'm spanish

  • I ordered mine and it’s coming soon 🙂

  • Is this app also for the ver 2?

  • Hello I have a question!
    Where did you buy your liGhtsTiCk?

  • best lightsick ever it looks so pretty

  • where do i get an offical carat bong

  • Does version 1 still work even when the second version has come out ? Its not working 🙁

  • I'm happy to have a Samsung since any Korean app will work well since Samsung is from Korea

  • I keep clicking update but it leads me back to the appstore and it just says Open or Uninstall