Compilation of Game Grumps weirdness following Jon's departure

-TGS Podcast #61 Ft. WoWCrendor hosted by Totalbiscuit, Jesse Cox, and Dodger
-JonTron at MAGFest 12 / 2014
-[Convention Hopper] ConBravo 2014 – JonTron Q&A
-SGC 14′ AngryJoe Panel w/ JonTron, PBG, & ProJared!
-RTX 2014 Game Grumps/Starbomb panel (Taken down from YouTube, excerpt archived in DramTron.)
-DidYouKnowGaming & JonTron 9/28/13 Stream – Part 7 (Excerpt from DramTron Stikes Back)
-Satch’s MK8 stream (2014)
-RTX 2014 CAH panel
-Iron Crafters Panel: Featuring Toby Turner, Stampy, Captain Sparklez & Jontron (Not on YouTube… also just really awkward.)


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  • JT ZJT Z

    Author Reply

    I actually got my picture taken with Jontron at SGC 2014 in one of the panel rooms.

  • this is good

  • JokerJoker

    Author Reply

    from what I heard (this may be totally wrong I just heard this) Jon and Arin were both in the contract of polaris. But when Jon left the contract stated not to reveal any detail about them leaving. Jon referred to the dishonesty as when he signed the contract they only told him after pissing both him and Arin off. Jon tries not to talk to Arin because of the game grumps fandom everyone freaks out when Jon or arin says the others name. Simply they are friends but they have to essentially keep their friend ship on the down low. Again it was (I HEARD THIS IT MAY NOT BE TRUE) a matter of hiding from future problems. Take starcade for example Polaris let that slide because it was reunion after contemplating and it didn't really bring too much attention but say on a podcast Jon says "Oh yeah this happened" Polaris not only has to cut ties with gamegrumps (loosing value) But Jontronshow aswell. Both Jon and Arin are annoyed because the decision of signing the contract was a mistake and the amount of times they get asked they can only say so much without breaking the contract. It's all business and career related. If they wanna stay on good terms they have to shut up about it.

  • I like how other people roll their eyes "for jon" yet they all desperately wanna know aswell

  • Crendor is a wise man

  • HAHAHAHAHA and now how does the ironic justice feel? YES Jon did nothing wrong and all of YOU FUCKS were in the wrong! How does it feel? Poor GameGrumps, with their boy ProJared and all..

  • Damn I can't look at Projared anymore without his nudes popping up in my head lol.

  • taking it to the grave is just a saying, why did TotalBiscuit seriously do it

  • 20662066

    Author Reply

    I didn't like Jon in grumps he's much better by him self

  • 1:33 why the face?

  • Do you wanna know how to hide the worlds biggest secret?
    Shove it into peoples faces so close that they'll overlook it.
    That is how you do it.

  • I know this video is old as hell but I just wanna say that there’s clearly an NDA type situation happening here. But why would Job have to sign a NDA? Clearly there is another reason Jon left game grumps. Something happened for sure. Assuming the NDA lasts 5 years which I believe is standard length, we may finally get an answer in 2019.

  • Its almost 2019 people are still doing this too. Fuck off he left stop crying

  • 3:04 he was maybe talking about his contract not letting him leave but idk how that really works. This is pretty scary stuff, and sad that it seems so true. I always thought it was weird how distant they suddenly became though

  • The secret is buried with total biscuit. Literally.

  • And it died with him

  • Ughhhh cringe

  • They seem contractually obligated not to talk about it for some reason, as if it was made to be classified information. It's probably something super simple, but the fact that no one will say anything about it is why everyone's so curious.

  • total biscut took that shit to his grave

  • I think arin didnt like Jon anymore and thAt's why he won't say anything.there were probably having problems.

  • I thought he just shifted focus but after his long breaks I saw this and now I’m sad

  • The only thing I got from this video is the reaffirmation that seeing Grumps at a Rooster Teeth convention is still weird to me.

  • John most likely left because he wanted to work on his own show but I guess that would seam selfish so he probably doesn’t want to talk about it

  • I feel like one of them fucking killed somebody so either jon was kicked out for murder (they didn't want to snitch) or he left because he was not comfortable with his murderous friend

  • Im team Danny sorry Jon

  • What people should really be asking is "What are some of the reasons you DIDN'T leave?" That way if that's asked enough, we can eventually figure it out.

  • Dan is such a sweetheart.

  • something was probably said during the recording of sonic 06 that one or the other took extreme offense to, or an amalgamation of different things leading up to sonic 06 that caused a rift. I think time has healed whatever wound there was and they made up, but in order to not create whatever situation that was, jon just wont come back to game grumps.

  • jizjiz

    Author Reply

    Looking back. I believe Jon had a hard time answering if he was ever gonna come back or not because of the NDA.

    Still want to know the full story.

  • Honestly, people need to fuckin' chill. We already know that nothing happened between them, and that they're still friends. But most conversations have spiralled into "Arin is fuckin' annoying and a terrible person, and so is Dan!" Or, "Suzy is a terrible person, she sold jewlery online that wasn't hers, and she's just overall a terrible person. I know this because of ONE article with 'proof'" Guys, IT'S A CHANNEL ABOUT DICK JOKES AND VIDEO GAMES, SHUT THE FUCK UP. LET US ACTUAL ADULTS WATCH THIS, PRICKS.

  • What if this ended up to big one huge prank

  • How do people still choose to believe that Jon left solely for the purposes of sustaining his own channel and no other reason after 3:04?

  • I don't buy this bullshit at all. Arin and Jon do nothing together anymore and they always go monotone when the other is mentioned. Something happened and they just will not budge

  • Based on everything that's happened with Jon I have to assume he was a dick and/or was being racist and/or was really mad that GameGrumps had become more popular than JonTron.

  • Pandora's Box has nothing on this shit.

  • JesseJesse

    Author Reply

    I don't see why everyone seems so confused and upset about John leaving. I only started watching post-John era, and when I look back at the videos he's in, they're so awkward and seemingly lack chemistry. I feel like John is somewhat autistic (seriously, not in the shitty internet meme way) and doesn't really have the ability to share the limelight with someone on a show like game-grumps, which is why I'm not surprised that he's been able to do well on his own. It just seems like the natural way things were going to go, especially with all the passive aggressive bullying that John does in some old game grumps videos, while pretending to be oblivious to why Arin is getting genuinely upset (hence me thinking it's something to do with mild autism). He just seemed like he didn't care whether or not he was crossing Arin's boundaries, and just acted kinda disrespectfully in general

  • people can be very annoying… dude had to make a joke out of it to shut up the internet in some way.

  • Why do the grumps answer the jon questions so passively and calm and jon answers the grump questions with no comment and i dont want to talk about it, theres clearly something going on, like why dont the grumps just say, yeah something happened but you'll never know, thats basically what they're telling us

  • This is sad n weird

  • If jon just talked about it. They reunited on his own show.

  • They collaborated recently. So whatever happened, it's good now.

  • I have a feeling Arin begged and pleaded and guilt-tripped Jon into staying on Game Grumps, and it just escalated into an emotional meltdown for one or both parties.

  • I believe the reason that neither one of them has discussed what happened is because it's both of their faults and would hurt both of their careers

  • Idk why people get so upset over it. If they fought, they fought. If they didn't, they didn't. Unfortunately, Jon went through the whole political thing recently, but other than that, they all seem to be in a good place.

  • did they cut off his ding dong or something?

  • What was the footbag thing?

  • 1,000th like

  • It hurts so much watching people ask about game grumps help me

  • So…I don't get why Jon can't talk about his relationship with the Grumps?