Consumable Items (and why I barely use them)

Consumable items are really appealing to me because of their potential to augment gameplay, however, I barely use them. This video explores some of the reasons why that may be, and it also looks into what games (and I) could do in order to make them more meaningful.

Edited by Jesse Guarascia:

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Shakedown – Birocratic
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Hateno Village (Day) – Manaka Kataoka
Mosey In – Ryan Ike
Retro Gone Viral – Taokuoh

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  • Everyone, I promise, I actually do like video games…

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one. Jesse (the dude who edited the fuck out of this video) and I are working hard to get videos out more frequently, so, erm, after you finish this one, get hyped for another one coming out in a few weeks.

  • I guess what I'm trying to say is… Sometimes, you just need to inject yourself with some red stuff, and kick the shit out of people for the sheer fun of it

  • I think that when a consumable item has a non-consumable replacement it leads to much less use. In Elder Scrolls, why use a healing potion when you can use a healing spell and just wait to recharge. Even when there is no direct replacement for a consumable item, there are alternatives. I could use this scroll to kill this enemy, instead I will hit him precisely with my sword and escape after every blow, I just quick saved anyways so there's no risk to it.

  • You guys ever feel like your youtube recommendations feels like this guys inventory?

  • i dont care

  • Berserker: Doubles the damage but with a 5 minute cooldown

    Threat that could kill me: appears


  • in dark souls i didn't use any resin for first playthrough

  • Sekiro designed access to consumables in a really interesting way. Early in the game (aka when I sucked at it) I was DESPERATE for my consumables bc I would have to fight enemies over and over again before I would win. This, combined with the very limited inventory that prevents spamming, forced me to ration them almost too much, only using them only when I thought I would win (and being incredibly upset when I was wrong lol). However, this forced me to focus on improving my skills in the core game mechanics so that I could survive without them. As they became easier to access, bosses got much harder, so they were still very difficult even though I had ample access to debuff and health items. Forcing players to ration items so they can “”get good”” before rewarding them with more access was definitely brutal, but it made the experience more enjoyable for me after I got through the early parts of the game.

  • Terraria active items are essential to progress let’s be honest tho

  • Recently I played through Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, and the game lets you make dishes that give you a boost in certain stats. I straight up, never used that system besides the tutorial. I did how ever stock on health items to use in battles because to me that was more reliable. I think that dish system didn't make a whole lot of sense to me consider how easy and straight forward the combat was, enough to the point where you can defeat an enemy wayyy out of your league (e.g. lvl 70 vs lvl 100). It would take a lot of time to do so because you wont do as much damage, but it was very doable. The health potions helped a lot in those situations because they would do way more damage then they would take. So if I was low on health I would just spam potions. Which is weird, because in something like Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you could buy hundreds of potions, but you could only use one of each per battle. That allowed you to act more strategic with when you would use it, or if you needed to. DBZK's approach to potions just made the game too easy imo.

  • I think consumables being too rare or too time consuming to make is the biggest thing for me. I think BOTW and Witcher 3 were really good for consumables. You have a fun world to explore so you actually find all these plants through your travels. You can buy stuff from apothecaries if you don’t have a plant or powder for something in Witcher. Consumables felt like more than just something to help out the player if you’re having a hard time. They were actually part of the world.

  • "I'm tired of always choosing harder difficulties" Wow dude flex

  • reminds me of terraria's potion system. even though terraria can be difficult, i use buff potions in terraria the least out of any game because 1) they require investment of a bunch of different resources and 2) they're wasted when you die. i would use them even less if they weren't made from farmable resources.

  • redownloaded far cry 5 thanks to the outro and started using the consumables
    i cleared a whole outpost and MAN that feels amazing

  • I have really taught myself to beat video game hoarding by playing (classic) roguelikes. Stuff like Dungeon Crawl and NetHack. It is absolutely necessary for those games to use them and it'll get you in a mindset to utilize all of your options more often in other games as well.
    Playing D&D or a similar type of TTRPG can also really help you to get into the right mindset.

  • That moment when you know for sure that this is the final boss in the game and decide to binge on every consumable you always put off using. After which, you proceed to wreck the boss into oblivion.

  • Tfw when the game is too easy, and have no idea why potions exist.

  • Here before the boys supporting boys crew comes through

  • slay the spire has great consumables

  • here from gus and ed pod cxast

  • I don’t use consumables, I prefer permanent upgrades that don’t go away

  • Thing is, I d this with special moves as well. The last GOW God Rage I only used becaus eit also restored some health. This first time I played Kingdom Hearts 2 I only used the Drives when fighting a boss because I needed to restore them afterwards (near the end I realized they improved some basic skills so you needed to use hen as often as possible to level up).

  • This can be fixed by games specifically telling when you should save your items. Like in Link to the Past, for the mountain dungeon, they tell you to save your magic and keep an extra magic potion for the boss battle at the end.

  • Nice to see Child of Light in this video, if only for a second. That game would be perfect if it weren’t so easy, and the potions are a big part of that: walking around with 30 of each type, never using them, and still doing all the sidequests and explorations to get more, because the journey is so fun even when the reward isn’t.

  • I've tried to get into the habit of actually exploring the use of items once I get them and not worrying about hoarding them. But some things like Bundled Jizos in Sekiro are so rare that they're basically pointless. You just never know if this will be the boss attempt where it helps you win, and if it's not then you've wasted it. I used a Bundled Jizo once, during the final boss fight, and it just so happened to be the attempt where I beat him and didn't need the extra resurrection.

  • I know it’s irrelevant but this is the opposite in terraria expert/master because everything can kill you and everything will kill you early game aka potions are necessary even if you aren’t battling they help you in everything else. Plus they are relatively easy to craft a bunch

  • This video got recommended to me right as i got to the first boss of persona 4 now that its out on steam
    Fuck you youtube, that snuff soul might be useful later

  • Meanwhile I built my Gerald around chugging as many potions as possible. Turns out it’s overpowered as hell.

  • Man after playing From Software games I just can't take games with difficulty levels seriously. Higher difficulty just tweaks health bars and damage in vast majority of games. It's just lazy design.

  • For me a lot of it is bad value. "Here's a damage item that's worse than a skill or basic attack you can use consistently."
    Okay, worthless. ESPECIALLY in turn-based games. I have never used an Antidote during a Pokemon battle and I never will because why waste that turn instead of just killing everyone and recovering at my leisure?
    I have similar problems with time-based buffs. I just hate having a clock on me. In level-based games, consumables would be better if they just lasted for one level, but otherwise, I'm not interested in clock-watching.
    The only consumables I both think to use and bother to use are ALTERNATIVE attacks. I've been playing Mafia III lately and grenades instakill cars, so I get use out of them. Knives silently kill enemies at a range, so they're cool to have. Other consumables…exist, I guess I'll use them if I think of it and am at max.
    It helps that there's a constant influx of them. If a consumable is rare and temporary, it's unusable.

  • I always play pokemon without potions.I just forget I have them.

  • I have thought about this from time to time, usually i hit the idea that these items have value. They could be sold to better myself in other ways that are more permanent.
    I often hate when at item is required to progress, like removing an otherwise unbreakable shield from an enemy or its the only type of damage that affects them.
    Arguably, if i need to use a consumable, i was not properly prepared for this fight as the fight is now an emergency situation.

  • This always happens to me

  • Try playing terraria