Create Your Own Playmats! :)

Hey guys,

In this video we will discus making our own unique playmats.
I hope you enjoy!!!


Songs used:
Holly x Drivvin – Til The End
John Kenza – Wicked
Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [JJD Remix]
Leowi – Hollywood (feat. joegarratt)
RetroVision – Over Again (feat. Micah Martin)
Unknown Brain – Perseus (feat. Chris Linton)
Uplink & Jason Gewalt – Euphoria

-Till The End




[John Kenza]








-Over Again


[Micah Martin]


[Unknown Brain]

[Chris Linton]



[Jason Gewalt]:


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  • do you really need to resize the card zone? isn't it going to be bigger than the actual card when printed?

  • I liked the vid. Wanted to drop some Graphic terms and advice.
    The outer line area is called a "Bleed". It's there for cut errors.
    the pixel: its easier to look for a photo's size and there DPI (Pixel per inch). the standard size you want is 300 dpi when the photo is full size. Most images you find online will be 75 dpi. that's the standard image size so it loads faster.

  • Do i even need one?

  • @YGOBox what is the song title that plays right in the beginning of the video. The intro first 5 seconds

  • Pro Tip: If you are going to use inked gaming without editing, make your mat lighter. Their colors bleed and turn very dark. If you use an image with dark colors that aren't black, expect them to be black. They don't mention how much you should lighten your image, and it looks fine in the cropped picture you give them, but the will ship your mat without even doing any QA, it will be black as night.
    p.s. Don't let this discourage you from using inked gaming, the mats feel nice when you get them in. They just don't do any QA to see if it comes anywhere close to the picture you give them unless you do the with editing option, which basically defeats the purpose of this video, and I'm not even sure how much they do when you use with editing.

  • Great job informing folks on how to create the best resolution artwork. But, please, only submit copyright free art, your own art, or art you have permission to use.

  • Thanks for calling us out as one of the best custom playmat maker in the world. We've added a lot of new products in the last year. Gaming Crates is one of them! Made in USA right in our facility.

  • where is the overlay template… you said you'd put it in the description which you had not..

  • you could always just use vector base software such as adobe illustrator as its layers convert into photoshop and vector softwares you can expand small images and not pixelate it

  • Name of program where you rping playmat


    this is the link for the layout

  • It's really gonna annoy me when peoples extra monster zones don't line up

  • can you share me the picture zone overlay yugioh 2017 !? :'<<

  • what program are you using

  • Had to blow up the video in order to see the ink for the mat layout because it wasn't in the description, but solid tutorial 🙂

  • I'm thinking of customizing my own playmat, maybe a Super Smash Brother mat with my favorite characters.

  • Thanks so much as always good info.

  • have you buyed the playmats now?