Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (PS1) Gameplay

This is me playing through the three sets of challenges on the first level of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. I’m playing it on the PS2 with texture smoothing on. Also, sorry for the lack of music, but to avoid another Youtube copyright claim, I turned the music off.

For me, this was my Tony Hawk. I played this game a lot more, and found it to be a lot more fun. The trick modifiers are awesome, and allow you to do your own custom tricks.

The game it button masher friendly, but that doesn’t make it an easy game. Some of the challenges are really hard. If you’ll notice, I skipped the last hardcore challenge (grind 180 feet of wire), because I’ve never been able to do it on the default bike they give you in the first level. In fact I usually wait until I have one of the final bikes in the game to go back and do it.


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  • Used to spend hours playing this as a child…. RIP Dave

  • RIP Dave ! Thanks for a great childhood..

  • Lovvvee. Isss. WHAT I GOT

  • I fucking love this game. The 1st game I ever beat 21years Ago

  • Put in the shotgun dlc already.

  • Very bad gameplay…

  • Memories

  • This was my shit every morning before school and when I came home

  • ive been trying to find this game for fucking years, this game has been the reason that Sublime's "What I Got" song is my favorite of all time, i remember playing this when i was like 4 or 5 and the day me and my brother finally got over the train was fucking amazing

  • The memory.

  • R.I.P.!! You will be missed! Playing the game as we speak

  • Watching this game play makes me want to buy a ps1 and relive my childhood again

  • r1+r2+l1+l2 = full ragdoll mode lol. brutal

  • The nostalgia holy shit

  • This brought back a lot of memories.

  • Playing Sublime What I got song next to this and the nostalgia won't stop.

  • I remember my first time playing this game was on the morning of 9/11/01i was sick i didnt go to school on that awful morning


    Author Reply

    October 2018

  • I remember going under the train and going in the oblivion just to get more points haha fun times

  • Slim jim guy, sublime, and never ending train 👍👍👍 fond memories

  • This was my shit back in 2005

  • My childhood hella nostalgia

  • I remember playing this game on the morning of 9/11

  • 2018?

  • oh jeez the memories, first game i owned

  • Maior nostalgia que senti na vida

  • kuko6kuko6

    Author Reply

    you did not play it without music …. noo

  • 4:10 lmfao I used to do shit like that as a kid all the time when i played this game because i thought it was funny as hell

  • Memories

  • :D:D

    Author Reply

    early in the mornin, rising to the street, light me up that cigarette and I strap shoes on my feet…

  • Idk why but this game gives me great memories and I always remember the song "what I got" whenever I see it

  • I have this game next to me and I always played it as a kid

  • I use to love this game man.It's so early 2000. I rode my bike around the block from my house last year almost everyday for two hours.

  • no music?? why??? that was the best part of the game.. driving and listening to rancid, murphys, deftones…

  • haha I remember this game! First time I ever heard Sublime. I had this on a demo disc from a playstation magazine as a kid, I played this all the time. RIP Dave Mirra

  • I thank God everyday for this game, because it introduced me to sublime 🍻👍even as a kid I knew "what I got" was an amazing song

  • I was so obsessed with this game when it first came out back in 2002. I remember it like it was yesterday. Good memories and good times. Man does time fly. When I heard the news last year I started riding my bike around the block from my house over and over again. I also started watching this video and other videos over and over again. I want to play this game so bad again. R.I.P Dave Mirra.


    Author Reply

    early in the morning, rising to the street….

  • scootscoot

    Author Reply

    the memories ;-;

  • Please use song Sublime – What I Got for the gameplay please

  • SumitSumit

    Author Reply

    without the songs the game is nothing

  • Not the same without Sublime's "What I Got" playing.

  • i cant do a no-footed backflip 🙁 I didnt find how do it

  • You can't play this without Sublime on bro, what are you thinking!

  • Where's the music wtf

  • what was the first song name in the beginning?

  • Me my cousin and brother used to spend hours playing this and laughing our heads off because all we'd do is make him crash