Deception 3 (III) Game Sample – Playstation

Original Air Date: September 28th, 2008

This is a sample gameplay video for Deception 3: Dark Delusion, for the Playstation. The Deception series is an odd and fairly under-the-radar series that possesses a great deal of ingenious concepts and game ideas…and with that being said, the series is also a personal favorite of mine (minus Trapt, which while perfectly playable, isn’t as good as D3, IMO).

You make traps and use the terrain to your advantage to cause chaos. Hills cause rocks to roll down slopes. Electrocute water to zap anyone standing in it…good stuff. Dark Delusion is by far the most advanced game in the series in terms of gameplay. You can use emblems to change the properties of traps, from dealing more damage, knocking people further away, to even becoming a trap you have more control over. There’s a lot that could be explained about the game, but I’ll link to an article of mine instead:



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  • Moh brisa esse jogo

  • Is there a way to play this game on modern hardware? Is it on steam? I miss this game.

  • I remember having the demo of this game on a demo disc from Playstation magazine back in 2000.

  • Ohhh god! i was trying to remember the name of this game so many years, since a got internet i try to find it, finally today the miracle is happen 😀 !!!… I loved this game when a was younger… IM SO HAPPY TO FIND IT AGAIN!!! I need a Emulator now…

  • Deception iv blood ties was nice
    Release date / March 25, 2014
    On Playstation 3

  • Loved this game, sepdn so much time getting all traps to maximum and all the achievements too. 

  • Oh wait, it is a ps1 game… pretty impressive graphics for the ps1 though!

  • Was this game developed in the early days of the ps2? It almost looks like a ps1 game…

  • Man, just… just try to google things before blabbering on youtube.

  • and made by the same team?

  • =______=

    Trapt is USA and Europe ps2 version of Kagero 2 dark illusion,and Deception is USA and Europe ps1 version of Kagero


    A PS1 copy of a PS2 game? I don't think so.

  • @JULIOUCHIHA89 A Copy of a game that came later? Nice thinkin' –'

  • I wish this series was revived for the PS3 OMG the wonderful things you can imagine.


  • i got kangero: decpetion II
    it was a fun game but got frustrating later on 🙂

  • That game is pure genious.Nowdays no developer/publisher takes the risk to invest in such games.Only if in that game you see a gun in the bottom o your screen…

  • I miss these games so much. The DLC title coming this summer "Orcs Must Die!" reminds me heavily of this series.

  • I've stoped playing this game because of sence that i'm killing the real people. I've played a lot of hardcore games fulfilled with violence, but this isn't the same.

  • please can you give me all the titles of this 3rd chapter? Because I can't find it on ebay 🙁

  • this is still one of the best Playstation titles in my opinion. Wish i still had the game

  • I miss playing this game.

  • True this is one of my favorite games when it comes to obscure games.

    All though i only played one and trapt and well rather sucked at it because i always tried to do air combos and got frustrated at sucking…

    This game series is still massively brilliant to me.