Deception III: Dark Delusion Gameplay Story Mode (PlayStation)

Deception III: Dark Delusion (PlayStation,PSX,PS1)

CHAPTER 1 07:39
CHAPTER 2 Alendar 10:01
CHAPTER 3 Encounter at Old Castle 14:15
CHAPTER 4 Disaster 19:23
CHAPTER 5 Scratched Jewel 24:06
CHAPTER 6 Marco 33:13
CHAPTER 7 Brute 40:16
CHAPTER 8 Price for Secret Arts 46:46
CHAPTER 9 AUO Raid 53:18
CHAPTER 10 Vestiges of Distant Day 58:05
CHAPTER 11 Blue Legend 1:04:50
CHAPTER 12 Tracking 1:09:00
CHAPTER 13 Past Days 1:17:43
CHAPTER 14 Crossroads of Destiny 1:25:08
CHAPTER 15 Poison 1:33:28
CHAPTER 16 Awakening from Nightmare 1:41:16
CHAPTER 17 Revolt 1:48:44
CHAPTER 18 For a Loved One 1:48:31
CHAPTER 19 Time-Controlling Stone 2:03:57
CHAPTER 20 Long Parting 2:09:33
CHAPTER 21 Dying Lamp 2:17:56
CHAPTER 22 Stratagem 2:27:13
CHAPTER 23 Queen Margareta 2:37:28
CHAPTER 24 Back to the Beginnig 2:49:21

The Deception games are a series of console Action-Style strategy-RPGs created and published by Tecmo for Sony’s line of PlayStation consoles. They have an emphasis on passive combat via the use of traps. Deception III: Dark Delusion (Soumatou (蒼魔灯) in Japan) released on December 9, 1999. In the main story mode, players control Reina, a girl who, with her adoptive family, has been kidnapped and brought to the land of Burgenhagen to be sold into slavery. Reina must use the trapping powers she acquired to defeat her kidnappers and solve the mysteries of the pendant she wears, which other people seem to covet for unknown reasons.

Player: MfaRec
Platform: PlayStation
Release Date: December 9, 1999


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