DIY Battlemats

How to make some of your own textured Battlemats.

Dap Acrylic Latex Caulk With Silicone:
Canvas Duck Natural Fabric By The Yard:
9 x 12 All Purpose Canvas Cloth:
Red Devil Putty Plastic Knife Set:
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set:
Dripless Economy Grade Caulking Gun:
Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set:

40% off Badger Order (use code CONSORTIUM):
Learning to Airbrush Playlist:



“Phat Sketch” by Keven MacLeod (


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  • You remind me of the cool painter dude on mini wargaming

  • This is fantastic! Cheaper and in my opinion they look better. Thank you for making this video.

  • Btw. Great video, Chung

  • Have you tried sand on desert?

  • Old video I know but I've just made my 1st one. The surface seems to be really sticky/tacky. Would more matte coat resolve this do you think?

  • Is the mat non-slip on tables?

  • This really help and seems easy to do and cheap. the other video i have watch just make it seem really complicated and is the same amount of money tp get a mat thats already made for you. So thanks for the video

  • I love may try it some day.

  • I liked what you did. I was wondering if you use silicone and sand for texture do you think that would work?

  • Great job! Lots of good creative ideas. Looks better than store-bought felt.

  • Can you wind it to save it ?

  • Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  • I know this is an older vid, but has anyone tried this method on both sides of the canvas to make a double sided battle mat? I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

  • You can do a sand-acrylic mix and just rub it into the cloth. 1 thin layer is enough.
    I recommend to wash and dry the cloth before further using so there will be no bow-fold.
    Prime the whole surface with 1 colour first, the start to airbrush or drybrush.

  • Do you see any issue with using a vinyl remnant of material normally used for furniture, with the caulk to make a texture on?

  • I get rolls of fake leather from a bmw plant where mt friend works. amazing material

  • Awesome!

  • The mats look really nice. Thanks for posting as I learned a lot about making them!

  • Outstanding work, really impressed.

  • Awesome video! I was wondering if this would work on MDF board instead of the canvas? I have some MDF board I brought.

  • After applying the matte finish are these mats able to be drawn on and easily erased with dry erase?

  • Fantastic! I loved the snowy terrain mat

  • sand for texture

  • this is awesome

  • I'm wanting to make some flexible pieces to denote areas for "scatter" terrain. I'd like to paint/texture/flock them to be compatible with terrain boards I am making. I am hoping to be able to use your techniques here to make a mat that will be cut up into irregular "curvy" pieces that could conform to a gently rolling landscape. I've done this with various fabrics in the past, but the main issue is in preventing frayed edges. I'm hopeful with this technique that the caulking would prevent this (may need to touch up the edges after the pieces are cut out, idk.) Any tips, hints, etc. (or even warnings) would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and thanks for all the ideas and tips you share.


  • Huzzah!

  • Could I just use spray paint for the painting step or will spray paint chip?

  • Could you use Spackle or filler instead of caulk?

  • Nice tutorial! Once completed can it be rolled up for storage or does it ruin the texture?

  • Awesome tutorial. Looks like I'll be making a gaming mat in my near future. Thanks and cheers! 😉

  • As an easier alternative, you could do a search for neoprene fabric. It's available in a range of plain colours, 2mm thick, 140cm wide, cloth faced on both sides. Then spend the time saved by not needing to iron/caulk/texture the material doing a paintjob on both sides of the mat. In the UK the material for a 6×4 table costs less than £25, and would actually be cheaper than using the materials needed for the method shown, especially when you consider that the cloth&caulk mats are single sided and the neoprene mats can be double sided. Why spend $75+ on two mats when you can spend less than $50 on one double sided mat?

  • WOW!  So many awesome ideas here.  Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Those dings are loud and annoying

  • Great DIY!

  • Very detailed tutorial! @The Wargamers Consortium  i have a trouble making one.. i let dry about 4 or 5 hours (in a 20cm x 20cm canvas for a test) and the paint (acrylic, using a brush) peels off the surface.. there is a problem in the dry time? or only works with airbrush?

  • Very good instructional video! I'm inspired now to give this a try, I have just gotten into Warmachine and having a cool gaming mat is a great idea. I have some left over flock from my Warhammer supplies, I might try sprinkling that onto the Caulk. But the sponge trick is sweet. Thank you again for the quality video.

  • thoughts about ways to add grids or deployment zones… either for Malifaux or 3" grids for Deadzone?  just mark them ahead of time with your permanent marker and then try not to paint or caulk to heavily over them?  go back when all is done and dry and tape them off with painters tape and apply a 2nd layer of paint (darker or lighter) and then seal the paint a 2nd time? get a really narrow detailing tape and apply that maybe while caulking is still wet?  

  • Is there anyone out there who could do this for me?  I suck at painting.

  • very awesome, Im off to Lowes!!

  • hi, how do you add the stone flocking?? I'm guessing you mix them in with the third layer. Have you tried doing a double sided mat? I'm thinking a city scape map (one snowy and one not) on each side.

  • Nicely done.  Great video!

  • Great video!  Am currently working on one now for a 6×4 drop-leaf table I built.

    Seeing that this video is 2 years old, is there anything you would do differently that isn't covered in the video?

  • Thank you.  This is an extremely well done video (the dings were a little loud though!), you present it very well.  I will try this sometime.

  • omg Sourcefed 

  • you are a genius!!!!!

  • What's the best thing to have underneath the cloth when putting the first layer on so it won't stick. Cardboard?

  • Great tutorial, thanks. I was wondering how you would produce a flocked battle mat?

  • Do you sell these mats?