DIY Twister Mat Game

Guys its time to make your own cheap and easy Twister mat game and play with friends and families!!!

Introduced in 1966, this popular game continues to enthrall every age group.

Step 1: Position game mat
Place the mat on a flat surface, indoors or out. All players must take off their shoes.

Step 2: Select a referee
Pick your game’s referee. The referee will spin the spinner, call out the moves, and supervise the game.

Step 3: Position players
Position two players on opposite ends of the mat, near the word Twister. Players put one foot on the yellow circle and the other foot on the blue circle closest to their end of the mat.

For a game with three players, the additional player faces the center at the red-circle side of the mat, placing one foot each on the two middle red circles.

Step 4: Follow referee’s calls
Follow the referee’s directions after each spin. Each player must try to put the designated body part on an empty circle of the called color.

If your designated hand or foot is already on a circle of the called-out color, you must move it to another circle of the same color.

Step 5: Eliminate players
Eliminate players if they fall or touch the mat with their knee or elbow.

There can never be more than one hand or foot on any circle. If two or more players reach for the same circle, the referee must decide which player got there first.

Step 6: Win the game
Win the game by being the last player remaining.

Did You Know?
Did you know? In 1987, a record-breaking 4,160 contestants participated in a Twister marathon at the University of Massachusetts.


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  • Thank you so much from Mexico for inspiring my little project and giving me lots of ideas!

  • This was so awesome to find. I don't see the template for the spinner. Could you send me a link to it Thanks so much.

  • Hello! I made an online version of the spinner, (it's here: ).
    If there's interest I could make an English translation.
    Thank you for your tutorial.

  • Good tutorial, thank you 🙏🏽