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Download neogeo emulator (NeoRAGESx 5.0) on pc and play best arcade games on window must watch

Hello guys
Today in this video I will show you how to download neogeo emulator (NeoRAGESx 5.0) and play best neogeo game on window must watch.
This video create only education purpose not any copyright content use this video.

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Second link —–

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Music credit by — beatsby NeVs Ridin / ncb no copyrights beats.

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  • nice bro love you great fantastic

  • Can i play pipi and bibis game in this neo geo ??

  • Dude how do you extract the neo geo games?

  • Not working can't get it to find the roms since i have no import option but refresh. Sucks cause i really wanted to play super dodgeball…

  • i don't have import option but refresh. Now what?

  • Does this emulator have Wonderboy

  • bro click import but it cant work can u help i download the rom

  • is this available in 32 bit with win 7???????????????????

  • How to connect joystick?

  • NT-01NT-01

    Author Reply

    how did you make it full screen?

  • mine won't open need help thanks

  • nice intro damn

  • how to set it full screen?

  • thanks man. its working

  • Your File size is 39.6 Mb then from where you get 271Mb file for extract

  • can i play house of the dead 4 and lets go jungle in this emulator?

  • http://coolrom.com/roms/neogeo/ my not download but why

  • controller recognized but in game metal slug x did not work any of the buttons why?

  • This worked thanks man you have a new subscriber

  • Thanks….. thanks….thanks……… a lot ! your video is Really helpful & 100% working then others

  • It doesn't say "IMPORT"…it says "REFRESH"

  • Me i have Neo Geo Game
    Art Of Fighting
    Art Of Fighting 2
    Art Of Fighting 3
    Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury 2
    Fatal Fury 3
    Fatal Fury Special
    Puzzled Joy Joy Kid
    King Of Fighters 94
    King Of Fighters 95
    King Of Fighters 96
    King Of Fighters 97
    King Of Fighters 98
    King Of Fighters 99
    King Of Fighters 2000
    King Of Fighters 2001
    King Of Fighters 2002
    Magical Drop 2
    Magical Drop 3
    Puzzle Bobble
    Puzzle Bobble 2
    Puzzle De Pon
    Puzzle De Pon R

    I have 23 Neo Geo Game i download this game

  • The beat maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan… 😍

  • I know why we couldn't START GAME and PLAY GAME in NEOGEO, even we clickes the right buttons, I experienced this problems last weeks and found the solution. The problem is UNIKEY. You cannot tap the buttons in game and start because of this. So you have to find on your desktop " UNIKEY " to turn it off and then when u back to Neo Geo, you can start game by click the right button that they guided in game, so that's the thing I found.😍😍😍😍😍

  • i downloaded the emulator but after shutdown my pc its not working

  • how to download 97 set 2

  • Thanks dude for the steps …it works

  • Bhai is k sat controller configure kr ky dikhao wo bhi 2