(Educational Commentary) How to Win your First Arena Game of Season 3 📚 | BrockPlaysFortnite

Today I try to make Educational Commentaries like Sypher does. I made 3 last night but this was the best one out of all of them. Might upload the rest on other days. Although I played pretty aggressive I showed exactly why having the mythic shotgun from catty corner increases your chances of winning the game by a ton. Let me know if you guys want more!

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How to Win your First Arena Game of Season 3 (Educational Commentary) 📚 | BrockPlaysFortnite



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  • كيف يكلم سري بال ايم اسست

  • Settingsssss

  • Wannabe sypherpk

  • Great video 👍👍👍! As a current YouTuber, I am contantly searching for new ideas! Excellent Job!

  • This shit didn’t help me ._.

  • Amazing video. You will make a difference!! Can We be Friends? :3

  • Hello I'm Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦💚💚💚

  • I wanna see you play division 7 or champs not this bot lobby

  • and he gets bad players

  • bro the difference is he gest such good weapons i get grey smgs and blu pistols im on pc so no aim assist

  • And

  • U r very good irl and in game also
    Keep it up .

  • Hey brock just wondering is the controller u have the best controller cuz I wanna buy it but I’m just making sure it’s good to use or if I shouldn’t get it

  • He said 59 lol

  • thank u for the tipps and please add me ethan_cyber

  • Brock: Misses a shot

    Me: Impossible

  • Aye gg Man U killed me when there waz like 10 people left ur a god👑

  • I can’t even get one kill in arena. I’m gonna freaking cry

  • Brock:I’ve got aimbot
    aim assist gets taken out the game 8:01

  • I still can’t believe you have arial assault trooper

  • Dude these really help!

  • That shark you seen by the authority is the mythic shark

  • 7:37 I called the same thing ( the hurricane ) lol

  • You are the best

  • RizeRize

    Author Reply

    Me popping off with 20 kills and goated loot

    Me sees and hears brocks ar

    Epic sike you thought

  • Brock do you use the medium kontrol freeks or large?

  • SerftSerft

    Author Reply

    I felt like I was in skool😂

  • Thank you for the advice you have helped me go to division 6 I was on 1300 points yesterday and now am on 2,612! And you helped my get my first arena win. Your a goated player and you should have 100,000 points and I have you have a great day!

  • 14:27
    Brock not knowing how to subtract: no way I just took 59 fall damage.
    my parents that we're whiting the video with me: this is why you don't play video-games everyday becouse they make you dumb

  • Kit: Helps Brock kill a guy
    Brock: Frickin Kit bro. I swear he's so annoying
    Kit: Dies

  • wth is that controller