Expensive, Rare Arcade Cabinets I JUST CAN'T Find Or Afford!

5 Ridiculously Expensive, Rare and Uncommon Arcade Cabinets & Pinball Machines I CAN’T BUY or FIND… From Back To The Future Pinball, to TMNT Arcade Cab, these hard to find video games have been harder for me to find than the Nintendo Labo will be! Move over Nintendo Switch we have a new topic to cover! -Like/Comment/Subscribe

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  • i see tmnt at my walmart couples times

  • BTTF is literally one of the worst pinballs ever made. Your WILL be disappointed.


  • There's a Simpsons arcade game in Carmel Indiana there's a small arcade in the mall. $10 to play all day.

  • Get the ninja turtles 1 up arcade it’s only 500$

  • The arcade machines usually just have a ps3 in it and I know for a fact the Jurassic 2 player shooter game has a ps3 in it but is 18 000 dollars! All you are paying for is a box and chair and 2 gun controllers

  • 1- Sunset Riders cab
    2- Ms. PAC-MAN
    3- Simpsons
    4- Millipede
    5- Snow Bros

  • You'll have them some day I feel.

  • flokofloko

    Author Reply

    I am building my own retro cabinet with a raspberry pi it is realy easy and affordable it can be less then 500 dollar and it is not that hard you need to install retropie on it it has a lot of emulators pre installed then you just put games on it the hardest part is making the case.

  • Arcade 1up is coming out with a 3/4 tmnt cab

  • I have The Simpsons arcade game on my PS3

  • there is a Simpsons arcade cabinet at Pinball Pete's right next the Michigan State campus

  • theres a place by my house with the simpsons cabinet lol im not a fan of that game though

  • Call TNT Todd is his name . He is a friend of mine I buy my machines from him he ships all over the world.

  • They have the simpsons game at my local roller skate ring

  • I have a Back to the Future pinball machine. This makes me very grateful to own one they are not cheap and they've gotten really more rare these days. Got to go back in time to get a good deal 🙂

  • JimLJimL

    Author Reply

    You remind me of the gypsies in the UK. Most of us Brits that moved to the US don’t resort to sob stories to get donations.

  • Beg a little more and you will get your arcade cabinet and a comb for your super fantastic long hair!

  • I know it's not the same, but get a 4-player Mame cabinet. Got one from recroommasters for the kids for Xmas. We'll, for me for Xmas, but politics…

    The one I'd want is baby pacman. Part arcade, part pinball. Check it out. Definitely my holy Grail.

    Keep the great vids coming!

  • gotta love the arcades brother , love how you show and mention other tubers awesome bro -my channel shows game preview

  • Set up a indiegogo called in search of the Simpson's arcade cabinet

  • I want 3 alpha 2, guilty gear X , and one space I wanna leave open

  • I found that tmnt cabinet at a arcade up in North Dakota

  • RyanRyan

    Author Reply

    milked it for the 10 min mark

  • This dude really needs a job

  • Matie! Funily enough I stumbled on this back to the future pinball machine for sale yesterday while searching for a pinball machine for my own house!!!

  • Our family built a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. It’s fun!

  • i own or have owned all of these except the pinball

  • Just sell half of your stuff and you can buy one or two of those

  • I just want every [house of the dead] cabinet. 1 2 3 4 and scarlet dawn.

  • Don't give him any $$$. For a guy who moved to the United States, has a girlfriend, a ton of games, an apt, and debt. He has money to spoil himself, all he has to do is get rid of video games. Please don't give him any more money. All his junk is just for "Display Purposes" while he dust it away and barely anything, prefers money and rarities. Stop begging about life situations on youtube, man up. Oh my gosh Ants and Floods, be aware.

  • k mk m

    Author Reply

    Just make your own

  • If I could have any two arcade cabinets, I’d have to pick a Rampage one and, if I could find it, a Simpsons cabinet.

  • I saw the turtles for 2800

  • You might be able to play the Simpsons if Arcade 1up come out with their version of the cabinet. I know its not the real size cabinet . You should look into the arcade1up cabinets coming out this september, you might like them.

  • Nice lol I still play skullgirl

  • the simpsons arcade ports where on pc