Game 4 predictions: Stephen A., E-40 pick the Warriors, Max takes the Raptors | First Take

Rapper and Warriors fan E-40 agrees with Stephen A. Smith that Golden State will win Game 4 of the 2019 NBA Finals, but Max Kellerman picks the Toronto Raptors.

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  • The guy behind e 40 looks like donald penn

  • NickNick

    Author Reply

    Too late he busted his leg but don’t cry Stephen A he’s still going to New York 😂😂🤣

  • Bye bye raptor nation 🤣🤣

  • Hey e40 the warriors lost the finals
    E40: oooooooouuuhhhhhhh (sad face)

  • What’s the point of the woman in blue?

    Ask an opening question?

    Look pretty?

    Take notes?

    Where is the value she brings?


  • KD wont go to Nets with Kyrie because kyrie doesnt want to attack lebron with KD Lebron rivalry

  • Warriors: start 4 all stars and complain about not having one
    Raptors: team effort that wins games the right way

  • Stephen A, like you said after after the Raptors bitch slapped the Bucks, the Raptors are making you and most people in your line of work " Looking Like a Bunch of Idiots ". !!!!!

    You don't learn much do you. !!!!!

    E-40, You Dumb as a Post. !!!!!!

    RUN DMC called, they want their chains back.


  • It ain't a dynasty if they dont 3peat.

  • Stephen A Smith is consistent, he always picks the favorite in big matchups, unless they actually let him talk about MMA, and he picks the guy he's heard of. He was talking about the great ground game and big left hook of a kickboxer with zero submissions who fights Southpaw. His hook comes from the right hand and has never taken anyone down. In basketball he gets it wrong half the time, ask him about Boxing, MMA, or football and he is like a housewife telling you about Navy SEALS missions. He just makes up nonsense or using direct quotes from sports websites. He is arrogant and terrible at his job. He's the Trump of sports commentary.

  • I hope Stephen A keeps picking GS to win because hes a jinx…and clueless

  • me talking outloud: why do most people post comments like this where theres a convo between 2 or more parties?

    my brain to me: because sheeple are easily controlled and this is the meme for 2019 & sheeple can only communicate in meme form because everyone is trying to be a comedian for likes .

  • Raptors have the blueprint to beat golden state. And when I say blueprint I mean they figured out the warriors weaknesses on defense. Also they figured out if you play faster than golden state they make mistakes and you control tempo. And finally the trick to finishing golden state is don’t let off the gas you see toronto had a bad shooting night in game 2 it happens but the rest of the games they’ve learned to not let their foot off the gas pedal they keep making shots from 3, driving hard to the basket, getting kawhi involved into important foul plays, Siakam knocking down important 3s, it’s over Raptors in 5

  • I thought that was Jason Whitlock

  • Stephen Asshole Smith is the new NostraDumbAss !!!!!

  • Kyrie it’s just like Westbrook

  • Ja rule to Stephen a smiths left , Suge knight to Max’s left

  • Where you at e40. Be you won’t be in Toronto

  • Max the only one with some sense!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄 Raptors in 5

  • aa aaaa aa

    Author Reply

    I love this, Max is competing hard to get above Stephen A. He is better imo, and is doing it with diplomacy

  • Go subcribe to my sports page thanks

  • Max I want to hear ur reaction to the game 4 cause Raptors won game 4

  • Nice disclaimer there, typical SAS reports KD might pick Knicks or Nets, then in same sentence says KD is the type of guy to change his mind. Lol

  • E40 look like he drink ragu sauce

  • OzOz

    Author Reply

    We will all grow old one day.

  • Why the hell is E-40 on here lmao

  • isn't it funny that when these clowns talk about players going to new York they never talk about the weather but if they talk about a player coming to Toronto they will always say toronto is cold but yet toronto has the same weather as new York smh

  • Smith is back tracking like a fool. 95% he said, now he says Durant is the kind of guy who can change his mind at any time. LMAO!
    STFU Potato head. Admit you took a shot to look smart and you now look stupid.

  • Cleavageeee

  • I'm a Lakers fan and even I don't want the warriors to leave Oakland

  • is that Bun B in the back at 2:12?

  • Come on E-40 you know "Everybody Got Choices" 😉

  • ROFL


  • Max you must be getting paid by Brooklyn or on their payroll cause you’re in Brooklyn’s Fucking nutz!!


  • BK can get all these dudes an everyone will still watch the Knicks lose 50 games and not give a fuck.

  • I think max got beat up with a busted lip on the left side and glasses most likely to hid a black-eye

  • Why did Molly have to yell like that at the end just to wrap up? That was so annoying! Please replace here.

  • Of course E 40 wants Warriors to win because he's from there. If MC Hammers broke ass is on there he would've chose Warriors

  • Drake bout 2 pop champagne like he won a championship game, he already has on a championship rang