Game Boy Longplay [060] Batman – Return of the Joker

Played By: Ironsharp

A really not-so-good Batman game released in 1992, wherein the Batman, hero of Gotham City(TM) must apprehend the Joker for detention in the Arkham Asylum(TM). It’s short and the controls are about as good as they look, making the game artificially difficult. Your attack is a wimpy little punch whose hitbox is incredibly small; you can pick up batarangs to throw but about two thirds of the enemies and all but one of the bosses have a way of getting around them or are completely immune, forcing you to take hits to pummel a boss to death or even to progress through a level at times. The best part of the game is easily the wall-jumping/grappling hook-swinging, mastery of which is necessary to get the most power-ups before a boss.

And hey, the music’s pretty good, right?


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  • Why are his thighs so fat?

  • WAAAAAAAAAAA amazing reminds me the old days

  • Dat Funky Music. 😎

  • Un saludo a esa gente de facebook game boy jjjj, más de uno va a parar aquí jjj

  • I notice in almost every 2D Batman game he does the wall to wall jump.
    I always wondered where that was based on, as I never see him do that in movies and shows (I'm not a comic book reader, so I don't know if he also does this in the comics).

  • One of my neighboe kids had this game and I never got passed the first stage 🙈

  • i did speedrun in all difficulty ! i was wr in the time !

  • Enjoy this game. Disagree a bit with bio

  • In the first and last Level there is a Life Upgrade hidden, which give you 7 Lifebars in the game.

  • p6mkqp6mkq

    Author Reply

    As a kid I thought that the 1st boss was KGBeast, 2nd boss was Ra's in shogun's armour – due to league assassins being there…
    3rd boss was Sportsmaster and the last boss was Joker himself.

  • I remember having this game as a kid. The thing I could remember is having Batman dance to the music because the drums are really good.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • It's not a good game if the boss doesen't explode when defeated.

  • Le meilleur jeux Batman sur gameboy…

  • This brings me back. I remember being given a grey gameboy cartridge full of about 20 games, including this one, by my cousin as a gift, probably back in 1998 or 99 when I was only a little kid. I got years of fun out of it until I eventually grew out of playing my gameboy, but the music brings me right back, especially the song that plays during the final fight with the joker.

  • how can play this game again???

  • Looking back at my childhood, i now consider this game to actually be pretty bad and i am surprised i endured its awfull madness. It sure had it's part in honing my gaming skills.

  • classic…..but still cool!!!

  • Interesting concept… Batman's one weakness is water.

  • 17:15

  • That Batman Sprite looks like TAS Batman.

  • Dark Claw, Shogun Warrior & Foul Ball? I've never heard of those super villains

  • the game is very good but stage 3,the music is beautiful too

  • amazing game

  • That music tho

  • Wow, Batman's got some fat thighs.

  • This is what the internet is for.

  • He dont know that hide room . OMG I was play this game and i love it . Only 5 minute i finished all levels .

  • I remember making Batman dance by pressing left and right over and over to the sick drum beats of this game.

  • Mega man 2 boss select music anyone?