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The package includes 12 different colours of fish. My pack included 7 fish, seahorse, octopus, lobster, seashell and coral. You might also get a turtle, skuid, sea stars, different types of seashells, ray, crab or hammer sharks. Nets can also be of a different color yellow, green, orange or pink as was mine. The rod seems to be always the same color of orange and green. Last item is a small, but very important bait fish, which has magnet in its mouth. Also, the bait can come either green or orange. Some lucky orders have included even spare bait fishy. Some images show that the bait is cork instead of fish. So it’s up to chance. I wouldn’t prefer one to other anyway.

I like the quality of the fishes. A lot of other products are single sided where the bottom side is flat, this is not the case with this product. The marine creatures are the same on both sides and look realistic. They are made of sturdy plastic, won’t bend or break. Thicker fishes can bend a little, but will take back the original form in some time. For catching the fish, they have screws in their mouths instead of some metal bits. Otherwise they are very light. So that a little magnet in the rod could pick up the fishes. You can also take the toys to bath, where you can catch them with net, because the hollow plastic makes them float.

The weakest link in this set is the rod itself, quality is not the best. Hollow handle enables you to push the rod in, so it’s a bit shorter. The line is long, but for younger kids you can wind it to desired length and tape it to fasten it, so that it would be easier to play fishing.

The little bait fish, which is important key to the game, might get lost. Mine has unfastened three times on short period. I have tried to attach it multiple ways with different knots, but the rods string is slippery. When I received the product I thought the magnetic bit was missing, but it came separately. When you think about it, it seems like the bait is not tied on purpose, so you would lose it and have to get another set.

Before letting my child to play with it, I washed it in soapy water. Later I discovered that some eye stickers came off. So if they will not come off with the first wash, it will come off in third or fourth wash. After the washing I ordered separate set of eye stickers and hope they will fit. Looking through some older pictures I discovered that the product came with extra set of stickers. Anyway I ordered my new set from: 160PCS Decorative eye stickers

To those smaller and bigger kids who especially like this game and desire more fishes then there is bigger set of this as well:
Magnetic Fishing Toy Plastic 21 Fishes With Rod Model – Educational Toys For Kids
Twice the marine animals with sturdier rod.

Summarising it, the set is while worth the money and 1,5 year olds are happy to play with it. Plenty of fish and other fun sea creatures. You can play with rod, or with a net. On the floor, in dry bowl, bowl filled with water or even bathtub.


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