How To Add Games To Your Xbox Profile / Gamerscore Hack GPDS [HD]

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Hi in this video ill Show you how to add games to your gamerscore Profile and unlock achievements.

ONLY DO IT in small steps and dont add to much games !! so dont unlock all in one day – It will reset your gamerscore to 0 if they detect you – if you do it more often you may will get banned !!


Horizon download:


1501 GPDS


works without JTAG !

Please note : you can get banned for modding your profile and using xbox live ! so do it on your own risk!

Proof that it works on the end of the Video 🙂

Ihr könnt theoretisch für das modding gebanned werden, also bitte nur auf eigene Gefahr!

Beweis am ende des Videos 🙂


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