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how to configure outlook 2007 in Windows 7

Hello friends!

Today Let’s see how to configure outlook in your windows computer…

Its really easy and simple…lets check this out..

follow this link for details…..

First thing you need to make sure… you have
M S Office installed in your system.

I have already this in my system..so let start

If you are configuring exchange mail then select
That option for exchange configuration…we are doing today pop3

First one is for pop3

These settings depend on the company’s policy..if they want this type of security..

Generally TLS security is applied … so it depends..

That’s it for today..
Will come back with a new video…

Thanks for watching..

One more thing I forgot.. 

Never keep your default .pst which was created by default..
Make sure you create a new one in any other drive than C. never keep your pst file in c drive…

That’s it..

So thanks again…
Will come back with more videos….

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  • My computer is also windows 7 but I don't have Ms outlook. Why

  • what must i fill on the email server….. by examples what do you mean? what does it require from me?

  • Hello:I have Outlook 2007 and Windows 7.  I had a problem that email would not come into my normal InBox folder and after multiples times trying to figure it out had to create another profile so my email address shows on the bottom of my Outlook folder and a InBox is inside as a subfolder.  So my email comes through there.  I want to fix this and restore my first original INBOX function and delete the 2nd InBox.  I know how to create another profile and configure to my Comcast email and have done it multiple times and it won’t bring it back to my original InBox.  I do have a saved backup copy of my .pst files everything of my email (contacts, calendar, emails, etc.).  If I delete all
    of the profiles (only 2 out there) and delete everything inside the C Drive Outlook folder (all the contents), will my Outlook start from scratch for me so I can enter the proper email configuration to my Comcast email and get my original InBox to work again?  I can
    import my saved .pst file back into Outlook so all my emails, contacts, calendar returns afterwards.  Can you please help me?  I don’t know where else to go.  Thank you so much!!