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How to Find and Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Find out how you can easily find and recover deleted Facebook messenger conversations with our step-by-step video tutorial. We’ll guide you through the process of finding and recovering conversations you’ve removed from your Facebook inbox.

You can find and recover Facebook messages that have been removed from your inbox by being archived, but if you have permanently deleted a conversation, you won’t be able to recover it.

To find and recover messages you’ve removed from your Facebook inbox, log in to Facebook. Then, click the Messenger icon. Now, select See All in Messenger. Click the gear button. Select Archived Threads. Find the conversation you’d like to read, and click on it to view all messages in that thread.

To archive a conversation on Facebook, open your full message inbox. Find a conversation you’d like to remove from your inbox. Hover over the message in the list, then click the gear button. Select Archive from the menu that appears. Go to your archived threads if you ever want to read through the conversation again later.

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  • Thank alot 😀

  • the question is can we recover our deleted conversations?but your answer is all about archive wtf you are just waisting our time you deserve a dislike girl your vid is useless and stupid!

  • Please do one on phones cuz it’s taking me to the messenger app and I don’t have computer I’m using my phone

  • helpful tips

  • I had once fully deleted my convo
    Is there anyway so that I can recover it back??

  • Bro u stupid, nothing ever gets deleted, it still exists somewhere

  • Wasted my time

  • this is not usefull i try too many times but i could not recover so please if you can teach me i have problem for it ,i mean i deleted some important message so ,

  • Messenger. Se backup ho skta hai ya naai pls tell me bcs jdo APA chat dlt krdine a then msg aunda k it can be undo so pls tell me

  • 404_not_found

  • UGH- i need all of my conversation back with my friend. i thought messenger was being a total brat and started to randomly delete my convo, turns out my mother was the one who keeps deleting it because it was 'too long' like- those were my freaking memories!



  • I made a groupchat that included 3 people, all three eventually left and the gc ended up being a place where I put all of the funny voice messages and videos from me and my bestfriend in. I accidentally deleted the convo, I have no idea if I've archived anything but I cant even find the gc to begin with… SOS… 2 years worth of memory down the drain

  • NOT what the video is supposed to be about. You need to CHANGE THE TITLE. Here's how to see if you still have them everyeone: Open Settings> Select "Hidden Messages" to see if the one you're looking for is there. All of my sales messages were hiding there from the marketplace, which is what I needed.

  • Archiving is not deleting!

  • I love you man

  • KC D.KC D.

    Author Reply

    How to recover deleted conversation???? Please help me

  • KC D.KC D.

    Author Reply

    Please help me

  • Deleted messages recover ho sakte h ??????

  • The tile is wrong …
    There is no any deleted convey that you recover. You just hide and open the archieve msg.

  • 1:11 thank me later.

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  • 24cyber7 on iñstagràm is the best

  • I thought this could solve my problem. I think you are confused with delete and archive?

  • Retrive not archive

  • Very informative. I will try this on my next video.

  • So if the other person still has a copy of the conversation you guys had, would it be receiveable on your end? Considering the fact that they have it?.
    I don't want to ask for screenshots of our conversation from the other person , I just want it back on my device since it was deleted accidentally and I want my copy of it.

  • With all due respect mam……I LUV YOU 💙💙💙💍🤙✅

  • I recover my all the messages thanks to lanajohn410. if you are really want your delete data. DM lanajohn410 on Instagram fast and reliable.

  • Nethack2020 on īñstāgrām recovered my account

  • "Can deleted messages be recovered?"
    Answer: Some ways yes. Archived yes and deleted no.
    WTF is this??? If you archive something, you did not delete it. Delete is delete and archive is archive.. -.-

  • Mine doesn't say Archived threads all I have is active contacts message requests hidden Chats unread chats

  • Guys,; How recover message which deleted from message box…??

  • Thanks for the video but my DELETED conversations were not in the download, only the current and archived were downloaded. 🙁

  • DarkkDarkk

    Author Reply

    ok boomer

  • If I deleted a conversation, Does it still appear on the other person's log ?

  • this is outdated