How to Hacky Sack for Beginners with Scott | KickFire HotSack | KickFire Classics

How to Hacky Sack for Beginners with Scott | KickFire HotSack | KickFire Classics

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Hi, I’m Scott with KickFire Classics. We are looking at the KickFire HotSack today. And we are going to show you how to do some basic hacky sack moves here. The first one is the most basic. The most basic move is called the Inside Cutter. Really just lifting your foot up in toward your inside of your body. At roughly, 90 to 45 degree angle depending on where it is. It looks like. It looks like this. You just put your sack up here and kick it up a few times. And that’s all it is. It’s really simple. Real easy to do.

The next one is just the opposite. Would be the Outside Cutter. And it’s, your still, it’s a little more awkward but, you just gotta raise your foot up to the side, the outside of your body. Still at about a 90 degree angle, maybe a little bit more in. Just wherever the hacky sack can handle. And, something like that is all you got to do. Just get it up there.

When you are trying to do your hacky sack moves you want to hit it on the biggest square footage of your shoe. And that’s usually right below your ankle and on the arch of your foot.

For the next move which is just the The Whip, with your foot. When it’s just out low. It’s kinda what you see soccer players juggling. Juggling soccer balls down low. It’s a smaller area and it’s a little harder because you have to time it so perfectly with your ankle flicking your toes back up towards the sky so you can get the hacky sack back in the air. And it goes, just, and that’s all it is there.

The three kind of medium advancy kind of techniques there’s one called The Helicopter, there’s one called The Rainbow, there’s one called The Jester.

The helicopter is combining all three of those basic footwork moves. And you go inside, whip, outside, whip, inside. So your legs just go pump, pump, pump. And it kind of it’s just called The Helicopter because kids named it. So, it just goes like that.

The other one is called The Rainbow. You basically go outside to outside. Left to right. And then you’re popping the the hacky sack over your head.

The last one is just called The Jester. So you’re doing Inside Cutter and you’re gonna only hit it on the same foot. So you’re gonna kick it, put your foot down jump off that same foot and then kick it again with the same foot. So, I’m going to give that a go here. See. Kick. Just like that. Just like a pro.

So, when your when your looking at getting shoes for hacky, you wanna get the most square footage. Kinda right by your ankle and arch, ankle down to the arch of your toe. So you want to have a big flat area. I usually prefer like basketball shoes, skate shoes, I almost brought some high tops but it’s really hot outside. But, high tops are great because they just have so much surface area. So, there’s a lot more room for forgiveness and they’re just taking in the error of just being a human. Right now I’ve got some ya know casual running shoes. And they’re ok on the inside but not the outside.

If you need more tricks or you need more combos, other things to do, there’s a lot of stall moves we didn’t even get into. Just go look for them on youtube and they’re out there for ya. And remember KickFire’s got the sweetest HotSacks right now. So pick it up. Anyway. Have a good one. Peace.

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How to Hacky Sack with Scott | KickFire HotSack | KickFire Classics


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