How to make your own magnetic fishing party game

Making your own magnetic fishing game can be a great party game idea or just a fun rainy day activity for kids. Free fish printable included.

What you need:

2 x free fish printables –
2 x sticks
wool or string
twig or chopstick
2 x magnets (just use old fridge magnets)
14 metal paper clips
coloured pencils

Print out one sheet of fish for each player.

Colour in your fishies.

Cut them out.

Match them up and glue the two sides together, place a paper clip inside each one, with the end just sticking out of the front of the fish.

Make a fishing pole by winding string around the end of a twig or chopstick, leaving about 20cm dangling at the end. Attach a magnet to the end.

Put the fishes in a bowl and go fishing.
How to make it into a fun party game:

Use a timer. Set the time limit. The person with the most fishes at the end of the time limit wins.

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  • Awesome helped alot for my project!!! Thanks alot!!

  • I'm having trouble finding the printable fish page. Can someone help me please?

  • nice but generic fish best to teach children to be observers of type of fish hence salt water or fresh fish no matter age and have names of fish on one side along with various shapes of fish too and not hard to do too 🙂