How to mod – Learn the modding process – New player Warframe guide

DISCLAIMER: YES I’M AWARE OF SPELLING MISTAKES – im mildly dislexic and dont have an editor so relying on my grammer/spelling is asking a lot.

So this series is a bit more in depth but I think its important to realise that build guides are quite superficial so I want to help people to learn the way to mod them selves that way they can understand modding principles better and make their own decisions.

Lets face it someone else showing you a build is alright but it isnt exactly going to encourage a good learning process so in this im going to try and show you the ins and outs of a pipe line that can aid anyone learning the game and modding semantics, Warframes are a bit more convaluted so this video in particular might need to be taken a little more lightly.
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