How to Play Hackysack

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Kicking around a hackysack develops agility and coordination and is a fun game to practice alone or play with friends.

Step 1: Gather your friends
Gather your friends in a circle about four to five feet across.

Step 2: Serve the hackysack
Serve the hackysack to any player by gently tossing it about waist high.

Tip: Only the server can use his hands—and only when he serves the hackysack.

Step 3: Don’t use your hands
Keep the hackysack in the air using any part of the body but your arms or hands.

Use your thigh, heel, inside of the foot, and forehead to keep it aloft.

Step 4: Pass it on
Pass the hackysack back and forth around the circle of players for as long as possible.

Step 5: Don’t kill the hack
If a player lets the hackysack hit the ground—or touches it with a hand or arm—it “kills” the hack, and game must be restarted.

Step 6: Play until you’re tired
Play until you tire of kicking the bag around.

Did You Know?
In 1997, Ted Martin set an individual hackysack record with 63,326 consecutive kicks.


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  • Hackysack ☑️

    Friends ✖️


    Author Reply

    You don’t need friends, in fact, you get really good playing alone. If you do have friends, it’s called a full hack if everyone touches it before it drops. Never start with yourself; try to throw it to the people who haven’t touched it in a while.

  • you can really tell when this was made based on the disgusting filter on all of the footage

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  • I dont have legs.

  • As fun as this is its more fun to play it like this

    So you have a group of friends and if 3 or more diffrent people hit it in one go someone can grab it and beam/ through it at another person

  • my friends always play by after 3 hits anyone can grab it and you have 3 seconds to throw it at someone to get them out but if they catch it when you throw it at them, you're out

  • JudahJudah

    Author Reply

    i lack the materials to excel in this sport (aka friends)

  • i dont have legs

  • Step one is done get a hacky sack
    Step two make some friends

  • As if we don't have friends😂

    Oh wait
    I dont😢

  • 😽👶👱👼👭👯👯💪✌👏👐👍👌

  • it is a OK video

  • yaay! i've got friends, but i don't have hacky sack 👌🙌😂

  • Okay, so I've got the hacky sack,
    Now about the friends…

  • thats more like a triangle but..

  • You can touch the hackeysack if you're playing pelt

  • What if I don't have 2 or more fiends…….forever alone

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  • Ted martins got a life lol

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  • Wow i can only hit it 88 times by myself

  • Step two should have added: Don't self serve or you'll lose your two or more friends. lol

  • i bought the hackysack.. but where do I get friends?

  • you will need a hacky sack "yeah, check"
    and two or more friends "…goddamn it."

  • dear non-americans, don't even try to get americans to call it a foot bag. just like how we call football soccer, we call a foot bag a hacky sack. as much as i would love to be able to say football and foot bag, no one else in my country would understand me.

  • ZephZeph

    Author Reply

    Caution: Video makes it look easy
    Reality: IT'S NOT.

  • I stopped watching when she said I needed two or more friends. 🙁

  • you are so right thats exactly what i do with my friends everynight!

  • i play hacky sack, not footbag

  • ah shit, friends? this is gonna take a while…

  • Little change in the rules…. Step one: get baked
    Step two: continue with other steps

  • i wouldve dropped at the end of nine hours of individual footbag kicking, and thats IF i can kick it for that long. i can barely get two kicks lol

  • I can't find any 'friends' at Walmart…. Help me?

  • it said that i needed friends…….