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I BOUGHT A FAKE CARAT BONG?! 😱 | Seventeen Fake vs Real Lightstick Ver. 2 Unboxing & Comparison

Oops I did it again 🙊 bought another fake – for science!

LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the video, and send this to other Carats you know so they can be warned as well! Do you own a Carat Bong? Version 1 or Version 2 (or both like me)? Fake or official? Planning on attending Ode To You? Comment down below and let me know – also let me know what videos you’d like to see next on my channel! ^^

FAQ: Where did I buy? Real = WithDrama. Fake = AliExpress.

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  • Uhmm I am still unsure about my carat bong cuz there are characteristics same with the official one and there are characteristics same with the fake one(but I think fake characteristics are more)… Any tips?? Cuz I thought about buying it for a long time and it seems fake.

    The battery capsule is the same with the fake one
    The box is similar to the real one tho
    The physical appearance is like the fake one
    It connects to the app

  • XyaXya

    Author Reply

    I would be glad to have even the fake one.

  • Hello, a question, for a long time, I want the Seventeen Ligthstick and I have already saved money. But I don't know where to buy it. Can you tell me where you bought the original Ligthstick ver2👌💕?

  • Donde puedo conseguir el CARAT BONG??

  • Can i have the fake one😂😩
    I don't even have a caratbong tho, i'm still student, so😂

  • i’m still confuse with mine. i have all the aspects like the real one except for the guide, it has more texts

  • Even tho I barley know seventeen and I’m an nctzen I think the caratbong is one of my favorite looking lightsticks 👀

  • Gw nangis gak tau artinya😭

  • StacyStacy

    Author Reply

    You can get on amazon just be careful with the sellers because some sellers sell fake in my case I bout the monsta x one and it was real because of the reviews and the sticker on the back and the seller answers back really quick and some times the seller never answers your question and also the title like you said I doesn't really have all those un necessary words and one more thing the app it connects to the app some not real/fake light sticks dont connect to the app

  • I just bought mine and I am lowkey scared so I checked everything and luckily it’s a real one thank god. Btw, your nails are pretty thank you for this vid<33

  • Why does the fake one looks real 😂

  • I just order a Seventeen lightstick on last Saturday. The lightstick came from Korea

  • mine comes in tomorrow and it took over a month to get here.. is that a sign that its real..?

  • Can i ask what will we do if we order the fake one? And what online shopping app would you recommend ?

  • The box for my official armybomb is damaged cuz it got shipped from Korea on a boat then a plane then back to a boat since I live in the UK. I don’t blame them cuz they had it well protected inside of a box but I kept the damaged armybomb box anyway lmao

  • me….fake carat bong…..

  • does amazon have official lightsticks?

  • I LOVE her nails😍

  • to be honest. i got mine from amazon. i knew it was gonna be fake from the start bc amazon ones usually are i just really didn't wanna wait bc they were out of stock everywhere. To my surprise, when i first opened it, it seemed real but i was still skeptical. i usually ignore videos like because i get scared im gonna found out i have a fake lightstick. I checked this video anyway. Everything you said about the real one like the box and the bag around the lightstick was there. I compared EVERYTHING with the fake. Mine 100% real, it even connected with the app. Im not saying you should buy from amazon, i just got very lucky and the seller was very nice. If you want a REAL carat bong the seller IDOL PARK is very trustworthy and even gave me freebies. Be careful carats! 😘😊

  • Where can i buy the original?

  • Does anyone know where to get a stray kids lightstick tho…

  • Is the seventeen lightstick from Cokodive legit? I want to get one, they are sold out on Weverse shop and I can't buy the keyring one on there doesnt ship to were I live.

  • i bought a fake one and although i cannot connect to bluetooth i am jsut glad to have one

  • You can buy lightsticks from China, but it depends on who you’re buying from.

  • And if she won't use the lightstick I wanna have it

  • Did no one noticed she didn't compare the amount of glitter inside the diamond cuz I saw that the fake one had less glitter that the real one.

  • I think I have a fake one but at this point, I don’t care.

  • So my carat bong has all the official points except for the booklet, it has more writing and the button is pressed in more…. but everything else is 100% real as I inspected it. What's going on lol

  • honestly i think the safest to buy it is on weverse shop

  • First off I love the video and it really helped me figure out what I need to be aware of. I have come to the conclusion that I want to buy a lights stick but I want the version one as well. Does anyone know where they sell official version 1 lights sticks?

  • I am a VERY new Carat like I just started stanning yesterday and I’ve been watching so many videos on them. Now I know to be careful of where I buy my Carat Bong 😭

  • where can we buy the official version please

  • I don't know a single Seventeen song or member, yet I'm here looking at their damned lighsticks cos of how pretty it is :<

  • damn when i realize there actually fake lightstick

  • did anyone notice that her nails match the box 🤓

  • i personally recommend kpopusa! they have an online store and it’s all official! i can not recommend this store more. shipping isn’t too bad, about $5-$8 but it ships so quick! amazing customer service!! they respond in a few hours if you ask questions on Instagram, i bought a lightstick and even got a bookmark of the group and a calendar!

  • I don't have one and I'm having a hard time choosing if I should get a Seventeen lightstick or a Nct lightstick. HELPPPPP!!!!

  • Does kpop mart sell official lighsticks

  • Where you buy the official carat bong?

  • who is your fav member?

  • I just checked my caratbong and it matches every characteristics with your fake one 🙁 however, I just wanted to share that it does connect with the app (it doesn't light up but it still ended up connecting with the app), so I'm guessing they have advanced.


  • Where can I buy it, it's out of stock everywhere 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • Anyways how much is that carat bong? i want to buy one😄😍

  • y'all, my caratbong arrived today and i unboxed it -> i'm pretty sure it's a fake one, BUT:
    it does connect to the app, so if you order a fake one, then it still might connect to the app. 🙂
    i know, u don't support the artist if you buy a fake one, but if you don't have the chance to like ship it back, then still don't be afraid of the lightstick not connecting to the app. 🙂

  • Am i the only one who buys cheap fake lightsticks (20$) because the real ones are really expensive and i already spend alot of money on albums?

  • From where can i buy official lightstick? Because i am afraid if i buy fake one… :((

  • Her nails are so cute, and they match the box! She is very detailed, how cute

  • I am afraid to buy the lightstick and it is fake … it is not a big problem, generally speaking, but I would like to connect it to the official app of the lightstick 2 and if it is not real I will no …so I do not know what to do now

  • i think its the same for other lightsticks. I have an EXO lightstick and just noticed it is fake because of the battery thingy/the conductor. Mine has arrows instead of positive or negative sign.