Idol Death Game TV (2016) Game Trailer Version 2 – PS Vita

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Idol Death Game TV (2016) Game Trailer Version 2 – PS Vita

Top idol group “Project 47” holds a big event once a year to decide upon its center. The event is called the “Dream of Dreams,” or “D.o.D.” This year is the tenth Dream of Dreams, which has now begun.

However, this year’s Dream of Dreams is a lot different from usual…
This year’s event is held at an old-style mansion deep in the mountains called the “House of Seven Moons.” It includes even the lower ranked members of the popular ranking, and there are mysterious selection standards. It’s a mysterious event where the idols are given no script, and and how they chose who will be center is unknown.

The live television broadcast was beginning under a plethora of unusual circumstances and without a single audience member.

With anticipation and anxiety in their chests, the chosen members open the doors of the House of Seven Moons…
“Dream” or “Death.” The idol’ life or death battle for center begins…

Idol Death Game TV is due out for PS Vita in Japan on October 20

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