Idol Death Game TV – Every Death Live (Translated)

All of them Death Lives, now properly arranged and translated for your viewing pleasure (?)!

Intro – 0:00
Chiharu’s Hot Bath Challenge – 1:26
Chiharu’s One-Minute Cooking – 3:12
Mariko’s Great Escape I – 5:56
Mariko’s Great Escape II – 8:42
Mariko’s Great Escape III – 12:02
Shirase’s Animal Impersonation – 14:21
Shirase’s Eating Challenge – 16:32
Ayaka’s Ceremonial First Pitch – 18:40
Ayaka the Dream Robo – 20:34
Rito’s Russian Roulette – 22:58
Rito’s Final Segment – 25:36
Ren’s Police Chief for the Day – 28:17
Ren’s Water Slide – 30:38
Hime’s Rating Check – 33:36
Hime’s Fairy Taled – 37:32
??? – 40:07

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  • This will probably be the final video for Idol Death Game TV. It was a great 3 years, and all good things must come to an end. Here's the compilation of Death Lives as promised, and once again, thank you so much for joining me in this journey and making this possible.

    See you in the next series!

    (Timestamps in the video description btw)

  • Why is the playthrough playlist order reversed, from the end to the begining, instead of viceversa (from the begining to the end, and then the special extras)?!

  • It's trying too hard to be Danganronpa

  • I wish this game would be on PC/Steam in full english…