Idol Death Game TV Review

I review the Japanese game, Idol Death Game TV for the #Playstation #Vita and #PSTV. Don’t forget to thumbs up, comment and subscribe.

First Chapter Gameplay:
Written Review:

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About the Game:
Introducing Idol Death Game TV, a new #PSVita action adventure title from D3 Publisher and Witchcraft, with a titular twist! The game will have players choose the role of one of many of the idols from the ‘Project 47’ group as they compete in the event called “Dream of Dreams,” where the center idol is chosen – and the losers die.

Within ‘#Project 47’ there are smaller units, such as ‘Team Happy’ and ‘Team Smile.’ In total the group has over 200 members, however it is currently unknown how many of those will be playable characters. The idol you choose will change the course of the story, (possibly very similar to Lost Dimension) as well as improve the replayability of the title.

#IdolDeathGame TV is broken down into exploration, judging, and ‘Death Concert’ elements. During exploration players will look for useful items throughout each stage, as well as exchange information with other ‘Project 47’ idols. Player interactions may have the effect of altering your confidence or ‘spirit,’ or doing the same to the other idols. Giving yourself an edge in these interactions will be important for the ‘Death Concerts.’

Players will be then assessed on their dancing and overall performance, the most logical way to determine the ultimate idol, as well as a staple of the idol genre. During these ‘Death Concerts’ the idols that didn’t make it through to the final judging are killed. There are currently hints from the publisher that idols can be brought back to life through a series of trials.


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  • I remember that horrible livestream… that wasn't fun, even as I tried to keep everyone laughing… just so bad…

  • Thank you for making me pass on this game.

  • Otaku Overdrive think, that Doripaku's voice is not annoying, far from that! Btw, Doripaku sometimes changes his voice/tone when he tries to be dramatic!

  • I'm sure, that Doripaku is either a tapir, or an ant eater

  • Oh come on! Think of his voice, like about Goku's or Teddie's! Because in japanese they all have very similar voices! Goku's japanese voice in my opinion is more annoying, than Doripaku's!

  • I had the feeling that this could be the upcoming horror anime, like Daganropa and Magical Girl raising project. Don't know when confirm to be planned. But someone already said that this game still lack of story depths, means this game needs to improve. Like there's a possible ending where you manage to save everyone you could rather than taking the first place for yourself.

  • I wish it could be english on Switch, or at least Steam/PC

  • Is he reading a script?

  • Haha, I really appreciate your honest review! The game doesn't seem that great, mechanic wise and it doesn't seem like there's a depth in its story.

  • that mass up they sure know how to make death games

  • hello

  • Hello, I come early :3