Johnny Bravo in The Hukka Mega Mighty Ultra Extreme Date-O-Rama (PS2) REVIEW – CN Video Game History

Johnny Bravo is one of the classic Cartoon Network shows that was never a breakout success. Yet, somehow somebody at Cartoon Network green-lighted a Johnny Bravo game in 2007 — 3 years after the show had ended! Johnny Bravo in The Hukka Mega Mighty Ultra Extreme Date-O-Rama might be the most bizarre game I have reviewed to date.

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  • actually this game came out in 2009 i believe, check wikipedia, great review, lose the channel

  • A Johnny Bravo dating sim in the style of Dream Daddy Dating Simulator could totally work imo.

  • Big flava is just cyborg without his robot suit

  • NovanNovan

    Author Reply

    I found the ds version at Vintage Stock recently, it was $6 and I was about to buy it just for the license but I’m kinda glad I didn’t.

  • SteveSteve

    Author Reply

    This show was too ahead of its time

  • A N D W E R E B A C K

  • Ah i see you forgot to notice a brand thing. Blast! Entertainment……they are the worst of the worst. They make cheap license games that will sucker some idiot. How bad…..go look at the american tail game……….it seriously a nightmare to play. My point is being when reviewing games looking at all in involved can explain alot of bad things.
    Never the less great review.

  • Kinda weird Johnny Bravo didn't get a video game until the show itself ended 3 years prior.

  • I love your videos, not very many people bother to review cartoon video games, and those that do don't put in nearly as much effort compared to you. I'm actually worried about what will happen when you finally review all the Cartoon Network games. Ever consider reviewing Nickelodeon, or Disney video game tie-ins? Maybe you could review licensed games in general? Either way, keep doing what you're doing!

  • Great video as always man! I'm from the US and this is the first time I've ever heard of this game.

  • the johny bravo is the worst game

  • the johny bravo game is the worst of the cn game

  • I never have heard of this game nor saw a copy of this game either, so my guess is that it was extremely rare. that's just my guess as i said.

  • This is just speculating…
    But in the European Cartoon network of 2007 whenever we weren't seeing Cartoons … we were seeing Johnny Bravo in random intermission sketches….
    Johnny Bravo was loved by the channel up till that point… after that it started being the Talkin dog from the ppg's…
    Maybe that's why there was a game from Johnny Bravo…

  • And I thought Johnny goes to Bollywood was as obscure as things get with Johnny Bravo…

  • I'm confuse i didn't know Johnny had his own video game? And so very late that's bad what cn did to the show

  • I randomly stumbled across the cover for this online. I’ve since not looked too much into it when I realized it’s not even a platformer. Why in the world couldn’t this just be a 3D adventure or something? Very obscure, and random for an only solo Johnny Bravo game. I mean I know the show revolves him flirting with women and all. But why this idea for a game?

  • Please review in the future Pet Alien for nintendo ds.It is based on the cartoon pet aliens who ran on cartoon network in 2005.

  • The concept for this game is so weird.

  • Crazy i never saw or heard of this game lol n ik alot of CN games