Let's Make an Acrylic Battlemat!

In this lets make video, we go through how to my acrylic battle mats for your wargaming terrain setup. In this specific case, I do a jungle mat with paths running through it.

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  • What sort of battle mat should I try next?

  • How would you do a snow one for frostgrave?

  • 12:54 someone is behind him , you can se a foot stepping in 😳

  • Gratitude for these highly informative tutorials.
    Might I suggest that if you could find a suitable brown or tan fabric for the underlay then this would avoid the white border on your mats after you trim the edges.

  • If I wanted to make a desert mat Do you think I could just use place and instead of the flocking? What considerations what I have to pay attention to with sand? I want to make a 5’ x 6’ mat

  • Very cool. Another project to the list of unending projects.

  • Hey Mel, what would you do with the edges to make it more professional and better quality? I followed your guide and got a nice mat but the edges are curling a bit. Was wondering how to prevent that.

  • What's the best way to store a gaming mat? Fold it or roll it up?

  • Mel, you are an inspiration! This violates all the laws of trade painting and I love it. I have some questions though:
    1. Does the lack of seems on a 6×4 make it the preferred way of making an acrylic battlemat?

    2. Is the trade off of doing multiple 2×2's with standardized roads all running off the 6"/18" points allowing for modularity worth the extra effort?
    3. Is there be a way to make a decent looking rivers in a modular 2×2 scheme that would still allow the battlemats to roll? Is there transparent acrylic caulk?

  • Amazing build! thinking of doing some force on force vietnam in 28mm and your burma build is such an inspiration!

  • Hi Melvin, why don't you use black tea instead of herbes? Then if some comes off, it Will leave browns instead of greens.

  • So if you needed something larger, say 6' x 4', would you recommend making one big mat or several small ones? I just wonder if a large mat is harder to deal with and might age differently.

  • Hey, incase you see this, how much ounces of paint did you end up using? I feel as if the amount of paint for this can get into costly territory if I'm doing my mat 3.8 by 2.5 feet

  • Hang on dere lar! How did you fix the cloth to your MDF board?

  • Hi – Just discovered your channel and hugely impressed with the content you are creating here.

    This video (creating an acrylic battle-map) was the first video I watched and I did have one question… ok two it appears:

    Is there a way to ‘seal’ the surfacing to the flexible sheet without loosing any flexibility of the roll-up battle-map or harming the finished aesthetic?

    Are some possible finishes better on a roll-up battle-map than others?

    Many thanks again and I look forward to binge watching a few more videos in the back catalogue soon!


  • Hey, is it a good idea to make the mat a different color if I want a more greenish mat?
    (With that question said, is it also a good idea to paint the mixed herbs green?)

  • I hope you get to read this Mel. This was a number one Terrain Tutor-ing for me. I would love to see a series or just one with many different types of textures, IE; sand, ice/snow, Medieval/Modern town/city that can be done on Acrylic Battlemats, and Rolled up.

  • Hey Mel it’s liam nicks son 🙂

  • If you were wanting to do an urban setting one with paved streets and such, would it be best to make the acrylic black or would it be better to paint it with an airbrush to get the black color?

  • This is awesome! Great video Mel!