Mantle of Discord(ia)? – SMITE DISCORDIA BUILD & GUIDE [How To Play Discordia]

SMITE Discordia Guide & Build, teaching you how to play Discordia, SMITE’s new mage goddess. Talking about both Discordia Mid and Discordia Jungle.
In addition to ability leveling, item builds and playstyle, I also adress the potential of bruiser / tank Discordia and Discordia Support or Solo.

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
(Outro) Song: Suffer City – Suffer City Blues


Published on Nov 30, 2016
ReMixer: ZiSotto (

• Game: Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo, 1994, SNES)
• ReMixer(s): ZiSotto
• Composer(s): David Wise, Eveline Novakovic, Robin Beanland
• Song(s): “Aquatic Ambiance”
• Posted: 2016-11-30, evaluated by Chimpazilla

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  • They need to extend the range on the leap. She's pretty shite compared to other mages. Alot of skillful ability placement for hardly any payoff, then gets ran over because escape blows.

  • Hey Duke, I've heard a lot of youtubers complaining about Aphrodites that try to play support, maybe a "How to play Aphrodite"?

  • You think most of the items you discussed would still be good in S5?

  • Omg i took your advice and build sol stone im suprised.

  • 2:40 you forgot to mention her increased movement speed while inside of her 3, max being 40%

  • you say that she isnt someone who would be top damage but just about every game in the SPL HRX discordia has been doing top damage out of everybody even on the losing team. can anyone explain?

  • what? no objective dmg? really? hahaha

  • Duke. Did you consider that her 1 can basically double proc through the minor damage on a ccd target? Say her one hits for 600 dmg. Her 6 minor will do around 95 each and a target that takes both while brig ccd will be hit for around 1200 dmg. Check this interaction out. I know you kinda glazed over it but it's a big factor In a coordinated team

  • got her on X
    she really relies on the team sadly

  • You got the Damage in ur Graph absolutely wrong

  • That graph is awesome though man. Would love more videos or guides for all God's with that kind if graph. Would be cool to see how you view arachne's stats- Arachbae out

  • Discordia supp maybe? Like warr jung and solo

  • Hey I know you probably get a lot of these messages but I was wondering if you might be able to help me out. I’ve been playing smite for about over a year now and I’ve hit my peak and want to continue progressing but I don’t know how. I wanna say I’m a pretty good smite player but recently my games have getting really bad and I just wanted to know if there was a way to continue progressing like small tricks or tips. I’ve also been trying to play the game mode conquest a lot more but I believe that I’ve played regular joust for so long that everybody in conquest knows about every rotation and positioning whether it’s mid, duo or solo lane where I just feel out of the loops which only results in people spam harassing me but I can’t even tell what it is that I’m doing wrong. I’ve been watching your videos for days or maybe even weeks trying to improve my conquest gameplay and smite gameplay overall but I just feel stuck. If you could please help that would be great :). Sorry for such a long message and have a wonderful day!

  • Hmm i see her being a niche support in some cases, kinda like Dardez's Nox. She have the utility and peel for it

  • Thank you! Now i know how to build her 😀 You Rock!

  • So build pen boots when your team is doing nothing?? You mean like, all the time?

  • LavaLava

    Author Reply

    I love Discordia, she's great

  • Seems like a utility mage

    ^ said this before watching the vid… it’s pretty obvious now. lol

  • Thank you for the video dude, very informative!!

  • Hey duke what do you think of the new stone of Gaia? Is it worth running if you’re going against people with knock ups like Vulcan and geb?

  • Liked the graph.

  • Love the Graph Usage.
    The Know Your Enemy series is how i got to discover a lot of the characters in this game and how to play them, always thought those graphs should make a comeback.

  • Cabrakan is also awkward support for her, her ult goes around the inside of his ult then spits back out like mini golf lol

  • Wouldn't Spear of the Magus proc multiple times on the 1, the two (if you hit two gods) and the ult as well since it hits twice? That seems pretty worth while.

  • I like your guide but i think you are severly underating discordia damage and burst potential,she is not a tank killer that is true,but very few characters are in this meta

  • Something I haven’t seen any pros (or really anyone, for that matter) mention how her leap can go under walls.

  • Bye apple!

  • how to play discordia press 1 then 2

  • Is thay donkey kong country music in the back? Sound so familiar.

  • Scylla crush also has protection shredder once its maxed out. Which is why its better to throw 2, hit 1, and then detonate 2 once Crush is maxed out, or use the slow as efficiently as possible, letting your supps or other mages hit the target and then detonate it when the enemy god is on the edge of the Crush.