MY 10 BEST Magnet Fishing Finds To Date

My 10 BEST Magnet Fishing Finds To Date
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While im out treaure hunting im always on the lookout for some cool and interesting things but i seem to find alot of weapons and things assosiated with crime.

So all this stuff was found in uk waters, mainly canals and rivers using neodymium magnets and my makro multi kruzer metal detector from leisure promotions.

The stuff ive found ranges from scrap metal, bikes, knives and even guns. I find alot of cash boxes and safes but they are always opened and had there contents stolen.

So this is my top 10 finds while magnet fishing with my neodymium magnet.

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Magnet Fishing Finds – Even MORE Weapons FOUND!

Magnet Fishing UK – Outside Manchester Bars

Magnet Fishing UK – Crime Scene Evidence FOUND?

Magnet Fishing Finds – Gun FOUND in Preston Canal (police involved)

Criminal Dumping Ground FOUND! – Magnet Fishing UK

Magnet Fishing Finds – Stolen Motorbike And Gun Parts FOUND!

Magnet fishing 2018 – Crimelake laptop and knives FOUND!

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  • Thanks for watching and if you would like to see all the weapons ive found in other videos check this playlist out

  • have found a verry interested stuff! I love it! Keep it guys, greetings from Croatia! 👍😊❤️🇭🇷

  • Where do you but your magnet from? Are there different weights it can pick up?

  • I thought this are the top 10 MAGNET FISHING!!! :c

  • great finds!

  • I didn't know you were going with the probe too!

    Are there any videos of that?

  • 2.35 min. You are very brave !

    Are your shoes still whole?

  • On the scooter bit when they finally got it out just imagine that it fell back in

  • k1k1

    Author Reply

    Few bodies on those weapons 😨😨

  • All those weapons hidden underwater it’s sketchy as

  • You seriously look like james rolfes twin , cinna massacre guy. Dont point any guns towards your face btw, even with no clip one could still be in the chamber. Stay safe good finds!

  • Did you find that Mac tin in Tottenham by any chance

  • so mac and a magazine and a knife. yeeh no crime has been committed at all very innocent find 😛

  • Really, a 300 lb bike with a 1– lb magnet such bs

  • Do you sell these items when you find them or whats the deal..?

  • Cool Beans

  • KYW0KYW0

    Author Reply

    That uzi is most likely from the mafia

  • with magnet?

  • the so called antique gun was a foam gum

  • Bullets as a rare find? Oh yeah, its the UK.

  • Тоже ищешь комментарии на Русском?)

  • Oh a gun. Let me make sure and look in the barrel.🙉

  • Tell us more about the mortar. What era, what origin and how it got there ?

  • seems like this is a complete waste of time if this trash are the best finds

  • looks like you are in an area that was involved in ww1 and ww2. looks like 303 Enfield rounds and a 9mm browning high power.

  • Music at end?

  • points potentially real gun to face

  • Could have at least threw the mountain bike in deeper darker water and made it a little bit more exciting

  • AravtAravt

    Author Reply

    A pretty serius scooter

  • In 8:27 this guys said he found a uzi but i think its a mac-10

  • That's amazing. Found the magazine to the gun

  • That's the first time I've seen any of you magnet fishers get in the water….I was wondering if you did

  • Ending song?

  • I would rather find a doolrd or better a toonie if you ask me lol

  • Alors fini la détection… Le jeu est perdant….



  • MAC 10

  • you know it comes as small surprise when you find weapons, of all sorts, in the waterways…I cannot believe how many scooters, bikes and motorcycles you have dragged out of the water…thank you for cleaning up !!

  • Is it just me who sits and wonders mad things like “I wonder if that gun or knife has killed someone” 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • Great

  • I've caught hundreds of pike from were you got that scooter my old stomping grounds

  • That little lad was so excited haha, quality

  • A motor bomb were u fishing in belfast ?

  • When u said Mac 10. I was thinking a laptop. Lol