Navy vs Memphis | Week 5 | College Football Highlights | 2019

2019 College Football Week 5 Navy vs Memphis

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  • Do you think Memphis can win the American Conference this year?

  • Memphis fans were saying fuck the Navy you warmongers.

  • Shoutout Gabe straight out the jack

  • Memphis is looking great. They can win the conference this year, but can they beat UCF. The Tigers have been unable to do it over the last few years.

  • Memphis kissing their lucky stars

  • I understand its just a lastname, but man, its 2019. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

  • Who else was there

  • Navy needs to stop running out of the shotgun. It just hasn't seemed to fare to well for them the last few years. Malcolm Perry is not a good passer like Ricky Dobbs, or Keenan Reynolds.

  • That first half for the Tigers was pretty bad. Defense definitely kicked it up a notch, especially after being out on the field so long. The second half was pretty dominant. Definitely a good win for the Tigers.

  • Navy had a melt-down in the second half.

  • "Holding on the recieving team, 10 yard penalty" @5:01

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gg for Memphis

  • Memphis should be rank

  • Ohh yea Memphis stand up

  • Memphis Tigers ain't shit, fuck Memphis football, fuck your whole football program, maybe y'all should let some bitches play on the team, you couldn't beat the worst SEC team

  • Ngl, seeing the tiger in that little cage really pissed me off

  • MikeMike

    Author Reply

    Love seeing my hometown tigers balling. Good win tigers 💪

  • Damn good game 😱

  • At best they might make playoffs, play a real team and the world will watch Memphis Choke.

  • Zz ccZz cc

    Author Reply

    Why is the name of the college navy

  • Love that they referenced the enormous staff losses that Norvell has had to overcome, year in and year out, while maintaining success without power 5 resources. And it looks like they have picked up another good one with the defensive coordinator from Marshall. Unfortunately won't be in Memphis too long if he keeps it up…

  • Got a question, are the Navy cheerleaders also Midshipmen?

  • Man I enjoyed this game I watched the whole game till the end them big boys on Memphis d-line looked like me out there when I use to play