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NBA 2K14 PC Download for Free (Full Version Game NBA 2K14 download for free for PC)

Go to to get full version of NBA 2K14 PC download for free. Just follow one step at a time and you will get NBA 2K14 free download of PC. This is the full version of the game, so just follow the video and you will get NBA 2K14 download for free for PC.

As I said you get to download NBA 2K14 for free for PC by following this video. you can ask for help or if you have any questions about the game download then I am here to help. Send a message on YouTube or leave a comment below and I will reply soon as possible.

NBA 2K14 works on following OS’s, so make sure you follow the steps correctly.
NBA 2K14 download for free which works on Windows 7
NBA 2K14 download free for PC which works on Windows 8
NBA 2K14 free download works on Windows 8.1
NBA 2K14 PC download works on Windows 10

Most importantly don’t forget to choose your date of birth when you start the game so that your age is less than 17, otherwise the game wont work.

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These are the steps in short for those who don’t want to watch the video

1. Go to
2. Download and install uTorrent and Daemon Tools.
3. Use one link from links page to download the game using uTorrent and get the NBA 2K14 ISO file.
4. Double click that ISO to open it with Daemon Tools and get a virtual NBA 2K14 DVD in the virtual DVD drive.
5. Install the game and copy the files from crack folder to game install folder and replace the files that are already there.
6. Play.

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Nguồn: https://africansportstv.net/

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  • Is this safe?

  • still works before the second wave of corona

  • OkiOki

    Author Reply

    When i try to Select two files from crack my computer crashes,every time ,pls help

  • is this really virus free? cause the antivirus kept telling that it's a viruses

  • Make a tutorial on how to download Left 4 Dead 2, I love your vids its all LEGIT. thanks :)))

  • What to do? I can't open the BD-ROM Drive it says WRONG DISC INSERTED

  • Can I download it on Acer Aspire 3 Laptop?

  • When i copy the crack there's an error please help.
    Thankyou :)) Godbless

  • you sound like a robot girl. i love it, marry me?

  • Should I click it or not?

  • wow

  • Is this have afree 1000 skill points when i create my career mode?


    PLS HELP 🙁

  • Errror fix code 2503?!?!??!

  • dont works


  • i opened this game and 2mins after.. it says fatal error… omg help me please 🙁

  • It Works Thankyou <3

  • I have never seen someone describe something so simple and step by step even me a computer dummy installed it and playing it now.
    Susbscribed and please do more pc games

  • Aidez moi sa affiche ecran noir ey sa s en va

  • Can you please do a video how to download don bradman 16

  • why when i open the file . it shows coudnt mount file ? how can i fix it ?

  • Is this still working? Be cause i have a problem in rdl.dll

  • i need help again. when i open the app "wrong disc inserted" . What should i do? thanks

  • Layton Bowling I have a problem in this part 3:23 when I paste the nba2k14.exe it says " The action can't be completed because the file is open in SMARTP.exe please help! ;(

    Nevermind I fix it

  • Why it says "please insert the disk: nba2k14 data disk? Help please

  • why does mine say "this disc image file is corrupted", please respond

  • is it online?

  • its says you need additional 17.1 mb to transfer the crack files

  • thankyou and its work. really appreciate

  • Does the game have no sound?

  • Still working in 2020??

  • It actually works for me. Thank you! But I have a question though; when I play the game it really works but now when I try to turn on windows firewall the game is not working it says "rdl.ddl" failed to load. Do I need to turn off the firewall just to play the game?

  • “rdl.ddl” failed to load.
    how to fix this?

  • Every time I try to add the files to the d drive it says you have no disk should I get a disk for it

  • I cant copy the rdl.dll file help please

  • thanks

  • I have a problem i already play a lot on mycareer but now my file got corrupted for no reason how can i fix it?? I hope you can help

  • Max !Max !

    Author Reply

    After choose lenguague instalation nothing happen, can't show instalation proces

  • is this safe? pls reply asap :))

  • I follow the process but after clicking the application it says error in document library rld.dll how can i solve it?

  • When I open it its all back what should i gonna do?

  • Daemon tools lite not updated

  • Max !Max !

    Author Reply

    2k14 work in win10

  • thanks !i owe you one !

  • 2 years after this video was posted, still, it works!

  • Nayswaaan

  • Can I play with2 gb ram?