OgoDisk from OgoSport

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The OgoSport OgoDisk is a versatile outdoor toy. The OgoDisk is a foam ring with a fabric center. Think of it as a mini-trampoline that you hold in your hand. You can catch and throw OgoSoft balls up to 150 feet, bouncing them off the fabric center or using it as a kind of catching platform, or use the disk as a throwing disk. The OgoDisk adapts to many sports activities such as volleyball, baseball, and tennis. You can even bounce water balloons off of the OgoDisk. It’s a great pool or beach toy because it won’t sink in the water.

The OgoDisk comes in three sizes: an 18-inch Super OgoDisk, a 15-inch Mezo OgoDisk, and a 12-inch Mini OgoDisk. Each set comes with two disks and an OgoSoft ball, which is a squishy ball made of plastic filaments.


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