Oni 2 : Angel Studios Lost Sequel to Bungie's Cult Classic

While Bungie West would cease to exist after the original Oni, Angel Studios was tasked with creating the followup.

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  • Be sure to stick around until the end. I talk briefly about a secret agent game that the GTA3 team had prototyped, long before the PS3 game Agent.

  • Oni was a masterpiece and still is.
    I still own the original disc, and play it once in a while.
    Thanks to someone who made a small ad don to make it work on windows 7 and further.
    Wished that bungie west would continue with it, but there were some odd problem between them and Microsoft and that bungie wing was done for sadly.
    Lets hope, one day, some one will make an oni continuation, and the combat will be a copy of this one.
    The combat system is to good, no other game i played the combat felt so good

    If oni 2 is ever made, i buy everything

  • This Reminds Me Of Advent Rising

  • 3:13 they were edging even closer to The Major's Stand Alone Complex battle outfit look

  • I love Oni, I love this character (the setting, not so much).

  • I think a lot of these assets and ideas were reused when rockstar made the warriors. Focus on combat in groups with throws and special moves and also unique characters with individual movesets. Both games let you play as the other characters and mess around well if you have the cheat codes

  • Animations in prototype of the sequel looks weird and "sticky".

  • Fucking hell, I just skipped all the way to the end after listening to you recap what I already knew.
    Should have just said outright that it wasn't likely that Oni would have a remake or sequel.

  • Screw Halo. I want Oni 2 more.


  • mhh3mhh3

    Author Reply

    who owns the rights to this game right now, is it rockstar oder take two ?

  • too much cartoons

  • i used to love this game as a kid! i wish they made the second one!

  • I want a remake of this game just as bad as a remake of Deus ex (1).

  • i still play this every few months in 2019, havn't found another game quite like it.

  • I played that game in high school, finished it multiple times, loved the hand to hand combat, loved the story, i loved everything about it. It's so sad Oni 2 didn't make it. Maybe i will install it later tonight 🙁 hope it works….

  • OMG i love oni wish this was on nintedo switch

  • ToneTone

    Author Reply

    Oni was so damn good it's a shame they have let it die

  • They should make a Remake with Unreal4Engine!

  • We'll never see another game built on a system like Oni. Oni is a rare example of an action game bred purely for PC; Ameican McGee's Alice is the only well-known one I can think of. Completely free movement and aiming without any target assist. In the age where consoles dominate the action market, this is simply not possible. And I don't bash consoles, I love consoles, but the fighting system in Oni was indeed unique, and not a single brawler after it felt quite like it. Not to mentioned how hardcore it was.

  • So Rockstar killed it?

  • What a surprise, I've never imagined that there was a sequel to Oni in development. I love the original game and its futuristic anime atmosphere, a fun title that I've finished quite a few times. Anyway, thank you for recovering this piece of lost gaming history.

  • Oni is criminally underrated, it's upsetting seeing that this got canned, I'm happy some people actually cared about this game. I would have loved to see a sequel to this game only if Bungie made it, but around 2002 it was more than obvious Bungie was never coming back to Oni. 🙁

  • That's really sad about the guy who died. I'm not a gamer but Oni is one game I know well and you can see the origjnal moves and stuff in the Oni 2 bits that you showed. I liked Oni…I liked the fighting and the weapons and it was a really addictive game. I miss playing stuff like this.

  • Thank you!
    I did find what I seek and can't wait to try it out when I have time. 🙂

  • This game was great, lot of cool ideas.

  • This game was so I hope they make another one day and bring back the first game on steam

  • Oni was such a great game, ahead of it's time. Would love a new Oni with the U4 engine.
    RIP Francis – Lost talent.

  • Oni multiplayer doesn't need to mean just this one big arena brawl, it could be so much more if u keep open mind about it. For example, could have like this big skyscraper building (kinda like nakatomi plaza in die hard) then have one bunch of people in one team spawn as security that safeguard building while other team spawns outside as cyber terrorists who try to take over building and take hostages for their own objective, then do plot twist and make all security guards respawn as part of konoko led special team who tries to take building over and save hostages.And thats just one map example, just think of possibilities 🙂


  • MaroMaro

    Author Reply

    Now we have to wait for someone with great skills for making games,and remake it in Unity or Unreal.

  • Oni was the best GIST game.

  • Well, you are watching all the character models I've built for Oni 2. It's a genuine surprise for me to find this on YouTube. Kudos to you for making it.

  • Is the surfer girl site still up? Google came up with something else :-s

  • Oni2 needs to be made… one of my favourite combat games of all time. There is still nothing quite like it. Every other combat game is, well, shite compared to Oni. nothing has the same freedom and it was made over a decade ago

  • I just played ONI for the first time in 15 years. It's not only aged well, but is still playable and entertaining as fuck

  • th2kth2k

    Author Reply

    They dropped the animeesque style? Do not want

  • I have the Development Disk for Oni 2 for sale lol message me if you are interested

  • куплю канал

  • you know, it makes me feel warm inside to know that this game was not completely forgotten but i still feel bad that it ultimately was cancelled, either way i'm glad that got to play oni as a kid and i can still play it today

    thanks bungie and rockstar, hopefully we can still see this game come to fruition

    and thanks PtoPOnline for show this to the world..

  • Is O.N.I. (navy intelligence) in the Halo universe named after bungie's ONI ?

  • "Stinky Statue" 😂

  • Yo thank you so much for producing this video. I played some Oni today, and just googled it and found an article that linked to this video. Mad good story you have here on Oni and its almost sequel. I sincerely hope the sequel is revived, because the original story and gameplay is still beautiful to this day.