Oni – Gameplay PS2 HD 720P

Oni – Gameplay PS2 HD 720P

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Enhanced graphics with emulator PCSX2.For recording I used a Live Gamer HD Capture Card (no FPS Drops).
-some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems…

PC specs:
– CPU Intel Core i5 760
– RAM 8 GB
– GPU Gefoce GTX 560
– Windows 7 (64 bit)

PCSX2 (svn) Feb 12 2013 specs:
– try yourself (more info at my site in forums section or look for my video tutorials for experience)

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  • Damn…….this is fascinatingly fantastic….is this based off of an anime?

  • TangoTango

    Author Reply

    3:57 "Is this the first time you've ever pointed a gun at a person? Your hands are shaking."

  • When i hear people saying that Quantum theory plagiarized Gears of war, i allways remember Oni with Ghost in the shell…

  • This is bringing back so many memories.. This game so the goat

  • Captain Keyes meets Daisuke Aramaki.

  • I remember Watchin my pops play this he just told me the name They Need to Make A New One

  • Oni-Chan…

  • this game has not aged well.

  • It was not a fun game.

  • this looks so much like the bank level at the beginning of spiderman for the ps1

  • First time even seeing this so no nostalgia. Despite hoping for a hidden gem or something on ps2, this game looks like shit.

  • Aaah the "once in a life time" memories seeing and hearing this brings back are simply soothing.
    Anyone else remember first finding out about all the cheat codes and going through all the different people you could play as lol?

  • I loved this game!

  • how this game dont have a sniper option with so many open areas

  • she looks like a feminist

  • I need to play this game in Windows 7. Inputs please. Thanks

  • yeah early PS2 game, I bought it to have something to play… didn't like it, just got rid of it. The controls felt so wonky and the overall gameplay was boring.

  • atleast ps2 had decent frame rates.modern consoles still cant handle 1080p textures without dropping frames.. ps5 i think will finally be able to get smooth fps again with how advanced integrated graphics have gotten because i doubt they will go full on dedicated gpu and hike the price to 800 at launch or something.

  • One of the ugliest video games I've ever seen tbh.

  • I would get this game, best R* games ever of all time, Bungie from Halo games.

  • KyleKyle

    Author Reply

    Huge nostalga

  • Are you playing the game using an emulator? I'm hearing stuttering in the film sequences and a few other odd things going on.

  • The neck snap then kick another in the face was my favorite move ever in the history of video games

  • You're total noob

  • Game had a terrible controls system

  • So nostalgic!
    I love you so much!!😍😍

  • Holy shit this gave me childhood flash backs xD

  • I wonder why I have not heard of this game till when I looking around the internet I wanted to check this out