Oni Review (Bungie's Forgotten Game)

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Oni is a third-person action video game developed by Bungie West, a division of Bungie. Released in 2001, it was Bungie West’s only game. Gameplay consists of third-person shooting with hand-to-hand combat, with a focus on the latter. Originally planned just for the Mac OS and Windows, a PlayStation 2 port was concurrently developed by Rockstar Canada. The game’s style was largely inspired by Ghost in the Shell and Akira and shares the same genre, being set in a cyberpunk world.

There are ten different guns in Oni, including handguns, rifles, rocket launchers, and energy weapons. Power-ups such as “hyposprays”, which heal damage, and cloaking devices, which render the player invisible, can be found scattered throughout the levels or on corpses. Since the player can carry only one weapon at a time and ammunition is scarce, hand-to-hand combat is the most effective and common means of defeating enemies. The player can punch, kick, and throw enemies; progressing into later levels unlocks stronger moves and combos.

There are multiple classes of enemy, each with its own style of unarmed combat. Each class is subdivided into tiers of increasing strength. As in Bungie’s earlier Marathon titles, tiers are color-coded, in this case by green (weakest), blue, and red (strongest). Also color-coded are the levels of health each opponent has, indicated by a flash when the player strikes or shoots them. Green flashes show the opponent has high health, red flashes show the enemy is near death.

Oni does not confine the player to fighting small groups of enemies in small arenas; each area is fully open to explore. The fourteen levels are of various sizes, some large enough to comprise an entire building. Bungie hired two architects to design the buildings.

The Oni engine implements a method of interpolation that tweens key frames, smoothing out the animation of complex martial-arts moves. However, frame slippage is a common problem when multiple non-player characters near the player are attacking.


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  • Does this video make me a weeb?

  • Holy shit i remember seeing this in a PlayStation mag in the 2000's

    Nostalgic sigh~

  • This sounds like a less fun version of Jade Empire!

  • Hell i love this game Can TakeTwo make Remaster or Remake plzzzz

  • For a 2001 game it was great for it’s time

  • speaking of blocking have you played fantasy strike the fighting game. the counter to grabs is doing nothing and it works so well.

  • You were fifteen when you played this game? I was fifteen and a half.

  • TBF Staring at Konoko's ass is probably half the reason why I have fond memories of the game. I think I own it on both PC and PS2. PS2 is a lot easier to control, I found mouse support wasn't smooth enough on PC.

  • Haha love that Wilhelm Scream I hear it everywhere now

  • If you ask me it should've got remade or a sequel, the game looks very interesting and the gameplay got potential if they tweaked it a bit more. I don't think it's a good idea to completely abandon it but what can you do.

  • Inhabitable? Surely you mean uninhabitable.

  • woah man cortana looks weird in this one

  • My favorite game

  • I loved this game was so amazing for a game that was rushed and half finished.

    They need to remaster and improve it

  • Hello childhood. <3 and cheat codes

  • Bungie tho suprised

  • Never forgot

  • Эта игра – это шедевр. Даже при том что её не доделали до конца, порезали кучу врагов, и часть уровней. Но всё равно это шедевр.
    По поводу того что игра сложная – ты очень слабый игрок. Реально – ты слабый игрок. Как Коноко бегала, прыгала под моим управлением выцепляя понемногу врагов. Это было словно старый фильм с Джеки Чаном. Кстати играл я на компьютере, может в этом всё дело.
    This game is a masterpiece. Even though they did not finish it to the end, they cut a bunch of enemies, and some of the levels. But still, this is a masterpiece.

    Abaut difficulty of the game – you are a very weak player. Really – you are a weak player. As Konoko was running, rolling, jumping under my control, taking out little enemies hit by hit. It was like an old movie with Jackie Chan. By the way, I played on the computer, maybe this is the whole point.

  • The game had good combat

  • And I've been wanting even more Oni games ever since

  • I bought this game because it seemed Tokyo Xtreme Racer the oddball underrated old PS2 game…..but its not that cool……its ok

  • holy shit i remember this game!!!!

  • 1:32 The world can still be lived in? The toxic pollution must be in reference to internet trolls then.
    I really need to stop polluting people's feelings. Don't troll guys, it isn't healthy.

    EDIT: 11:33 Women can bust a nut?

  • DireDire

    Author Reply

    Use throws.

  • This game was soooo good.

  • This game was epic for its time…max respect!!!

  • Oh man. I played the heck out of this on Mac OS. Great game.

  • I played this game back in the day, it was awesome

  • Oni is the best one of game played by me, it is always in my mind with it have scenario, gameplay, characters, unique combat engine and level desing. Oni is a legend.

  • I have this somewhere, it was very good

  • FrostFrost

    Author Reply

    Do you think we will ever get another ONI game? I remember playing this when I was really young

  • xn0xn0

    Author Reply

    They could have added a bit more T&A like they promised in the promotional material.

  • PC controls were actually very comfortable to play. But the PS2 port… Ugh.

  • Great game! Played it back in 2001 on my P200MMX, it was laggy but okay. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. And fighting genre was almost non-existent on PC back then, so I liked this game a lot. I still wait for a sequel.

  • Man I miss the 1980-2000's anime style.

  • Oni was a great game. I loved the action, the story was good, yes the controls were a tad clunky, but it was still very good.

  • I own the pc game disks from a decade ago but they will not run on my 2000 WIN 7 pc! (drivers?) I played it for THREE hours once MANY years ago BUT STOPPED for some reason… How can I play this ENTIRE game now ?

  • I loved this game so much! thanks!

  • I used to love this game, along with Marathon.

  • When that game came out I wanted it SO bad but never got it.

  • The "speed running events" comment sent my sides into orbit.

  • I never owned Oni (because parents) but played the demo endlessly. It had the best combat system I've ever played. They should absolutely remaster or sequel this game.

  • If they remastered this, I would play the shit out of it.

  • Being the voice actor for Rey in Neon Genesis must've been the easiest job on the planet.

  • Never played it but I used to re-draw the ad's and artwork for hours

    Loved the character and style!

    Edit: 1:17 yeahhhhh thats it right tharrrrr

  • I thouht this was a fever dream. Thank you for reminding me!

  • I have this game on pc cd-rom

  • This was the first PC game i bought

  • I remember this game, reminds Fighting Force game. I have no idea, probably they created their own engine, previous generation of a game development was impossible. This guy thinking oh yeah 2001 I would made the better game, i can criticize anything