Oni: The Other Bungie Game – Critical Nobody

Before we all donned the green power armor and shot aliens on a ring world, Bungie made a game about a purple hair anime lady that punched people.

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  • Have you played Bungie's anime martial arts simulator? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Let us all know with a comment and maybe rate/share the video if you think it's worthy of it. Now if you'll excuse me, all this fighting stuff has filled me with a strong desire to rewatch all the fight scenes from The Raid and John Wick multiple times. Have a good day! :3

  • I really enjoyed this game. And I played it multiple times, eventually settling for cheats for fun. I… wish there was a sequel.

  • This was my proper first childhood games that I played…. its been years!!!!

  • omg I loved Oni but I could not get it to work on newer window os

  • I'm I the only one still thinking about those horrible speech images.

  • Cool, someone else who couldn't care less about Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Good to know I'm not the odd one out.

  • Weirdly enough, this game seems to have inspired a little bit of the gameplay from Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. The dodging is suspiciously similar.


  • There's also Pathways into Darkness (think System Shock 1 crossed with Wolfenstein 3D with hints of Quake 1), Operation Desert Storm (a shitty looking top down tank game) Minotaur the Labyrinths of Crete (Ultima 4 crossed with the Binding of Isaac if they were a multiplayer only deathmatch game) and Gnop (A pong clone with a sense of humour).

  • Three…………Eternal Death Slayer 3

  • I never did get very far in this. It is still nice to see that others remember it and finished it.

  • Used to speed run this game when im 12 years old on the hardest difficulty, If i remember correctly I could finish the game on hard difficulty in around 3 hour. Waited more than 19 year for a sequel. One can hope?

  • When you said fruits basket shamefully

    Chills man

  • this game brings back memories, with all its faults i really enjoyed back when it came out. You definitely captured the spirit of it!
    No mention of the annoying invisible enemies?

  • This game was the best. I remember playing it on launch on PC. That company had so much potential. Damn shame the direction they went.

  • I love that Otacon reference

  • You would like GitS:SAC 1. You may or many not like the second season.

  • Yay, i noticed what was missing on the first clip he asked and was right!! Man im sad that this has been my highlight of my quarantine experience being locked down in my house lol

  • If you like this game you should try : REMEMBER ME (which is excellent by the way) !

  • Hey man I'm not a hippie. Just old ;-;

  • One of my first games i played and i loved it

  • I love both Ghost in the Shell and Akira but I can totally understand if you didn't like the latter since all related to the story and plot is unfinished cluster fuck based on a manga 10 times more ambitious that wasn't even finished during the production of the movie.

    Most of the people (specially American audiences and myself included) love it for the INCREDIBLE animation quality that put anything made by Disney to shame and also because for a lot of youngsters it was the first time we got contact with actual adult animation.

    In the case of GiTS I can only say you are a plebian and you got filtered hard.

  • I forgot about how good the characters fighting animation was in Oni, still have my physical copy of it, the game has it's charm

  • Myth TFL and Myth 2 SB are my main point of Bungie reference. Having been a part of that intense community remains one of the highlights of my gaming life. Two of the greatest real-time tactical games ever.

    Oni was a great game. A modern reboot would be phenomenal.

  • GutsGuts

    Author Reply

    Do more retro game reviews bro!

  • I loved ONI still hate Halo.

  • Played the crap out of this game. It had BAD reviews but I have thoroughly enjoyed the game for some reason, as a kid.
    Bought it for my pocket money.

    Akira is FREAKY. I just cannot understand this movie. Also, it felt like being on a drug infused horror trip.


    Author Reply

    how did you even get this game

  • 4:04 No you're going to get comments about the fact THAT YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED JOJO

  • I played Oni when I was young on the ps2. I never got very far because it actually scared me alot, something about it was very unsettling

  • just want to add a fun fact. the grenade launcher gun(the big green gun with big red oval reticles) has the same sound effect, as the same beginning sound, as the sniper from Halo.

  • Also, dude, you forgot that Myth existed.
    It was in Bungie's list too.
    And Myth was amazing for it's time, the sequel was great too, if it didn't have the pesky Uninstall bug that wipes lut the user's hard drive when you installed it anywhere other than it's default directory

  • They are both comically over rated, love your opinion!

  • I remember this game and its many copies on the shelves of Asda(Britain’s version of Walmart) for 20 pounds along with the platinum edition of SSX tricky about 17 years ago.

  • I like Ghost In The Shell but Akira I just don't get. it's at best background noise but I just don't get the love.

  • I wanted this game so badly that my grandma got it for me.

  • I played this game and completely forgot about it until I saw this video.

  • Oh that game was freaking masterpiece of close combat.

  • Is this game made by Bungie or Rockstar? Some people say its made by Rockstar, so I'm confused.

  • Played the PS2 version to be honest thought it was jank. It had a game crashing bug when using the console , environment was rather meh and bland. Camera kept clipping through walls. Disc could of been scratched

  • The level design reminds me a lot about The Pilar of Autumn and the Maw from Halo

  • i noticed the lack of music immediately a sin in gaming that cannot be overlooked by me >:O ….

  • Love oni had on ps2