"Panzer Leader 1940" Part 1 Playthrough

A look at “Panzer Leader 1940”. Situation 23 Stonne:Guderians Flank.
A quick overview of the Zun Tsu gaming platform, A look at ‘Panzer Leader 1940’ and how it differs from the base ‘Panzer Leader’ game. Some tactical overview of how and why I set my forces up.

Links mentioned in the show
Stuart Brittons works

Zun Tsu website

IS alternative boards and counters and all good things PB/PL

And a copy of the General magazine with the 1940 expansion in it


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  • I especially want to try and put up the games videos of the less common board games like the arab-israeli war, fortress Europa, luftwaffe et al….

  • Yes! Thanks for the video.
    I retired a year ago been saving all my games finally cleared out enough in the garage for a mini man cave and a play area and you're right we played a lot of games wrong when we were younger. Lol.
    So far played one scenario of Panzerkreig, Africa Korps, (Germans got slaughtered unlucky die roles(lol) and Tobruk. and now rereading the rules to find my errors on Arab-Israeli's Wars. Yep. All Avalon Hill games. Yes, I do have others.
    Tempted to try n record my play of the first scenario. Have fun!!!

  • You rock as motivation for me to break these out again. I have Patton's Best on the table now because of you. 🙂 I have these counters packed away somewhere too…

  • THANKS A MILLION ! just what i was looking for . Use to be a wargamer , looking to get back into the genre . Saw Gilbert Collins on YouTube and brought back memories . Bought a couple board/wargames on steam that tried to get the old boardgame type feel , but nothing like the real thing , plus there was only single plyr 🙁 . Never even knew it existed ( Vassal , Zuntzu ) . I own the old AH , Victory type games , cant wait to learn the machanics and play . Wife thought she saw little of me as it is . . . guess what ! 🙂

  • Wow, can you sell this setup? I played all these AV/SPI games when I was a kid but Damn you got it on computer, DAMN!!!!!

  • In fact you can add modular boards to Zuntzu. I suggest you to download the Conflict of Heroes gamebox and check the xml file how to do it.

  • You cut your hair!

  • I noticed you had Hunters over Korea in your Sun Tzu drop down list. What do you think of it? I haven't purchased any print n play games so I don't know the process for getting the files converted into maps and counters. But I'm intrigued! Look forward to the rest of this old gem, too.