PlayStation Experience | How to Become a Game Designer (or How to Consider It) Panel

It’s the first job every gamer wants (or at least thinks they want). Learn from game industry veterans what it takes to become a Game Designer and what it really means to design a game. Join an unflinching conversation about the labor of love that is game design. Featuring Doug Holder (Game Designer, Naughty Dog), Quentin Cobb (Game Designer, Naughty Dog), Parker Hamilton (Game Designer, SuckerPunch), Ramone Russell (Game Designer, San Diego Studios), and Massimo Giuarni (Game Designer, Ovosonico).

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  • 2018?

  • xbox gang yurrrrrd

  • Could you give us some insights of what software you guys use for your documentation that would be really helpful!

  • Make Xbox cross play

  • Well ….. if you like getting laid off it's a great job

  • Can't Watch This Anymore. To Many Umms. Sorry PS4 Team Love Y'all. Bye Bye.

  • i dare you guys to take a drink every time you hear the word "Um" in this video

  • "uhhh…ummm…uhhh"

  • can anyone share the link of the book anthony newman mentioned at 50:20

  • i thought i was finna watch some weird stuff ………

  • I dream of working with them…:(

  • why does everyone look dead

  • vrnicvrnic

    Author Reply

    I'm about to start high school and is going to join DATA classes. Hoping to one day become a game designer or anything in the game/tech industry.


    Author Reply

    working with playstation is my dream of all times

  • Why do they all look like they would rather kill themselves than be there?

  • Content Warning

    This video may be inappropriate for some users.

  • so if I was interested in art for the game industry, what would I need to aim for?

  • I plan on becoming a game developer and starting my own game development firm in the long run.

  • I really need advice on which college I should go to in my area. One has a computer science major with a concentration on video game design so there is more technology and the ins and outs of design and the other has an EA presence but I would major in computer science and minor in digital media arts and hopefully get an internship at EA. So I don't know which would be better.

  • You get paid Thousands of money by making a cover

  • So having a degree doesnt mean much. All you need is a lot of experience in game design that you've done on your own. Time to get unity and make games until I can't type anymore..

  • so i want to be a game designer but I dont know where to start, (still have 2 years of high school left ) so I've gone online and tried to learn but i cant find websites to learn, does anyone know?

  • Its interesting how in the beginning of the conference all of them had that shy apperiance and at the they were all soo cool and nice

  • Im soo glad play upload this

  • They all sound really depressed, wtf

  • I absolutely loved this video! This video gave me a great insight to game design.

  • Video games do kill your crativity

  • SageSage

    Author Reply

    what schooling or experience would i need to become a game designer?

  • Same

  • Game designer =/= man who barks commands at the rest of the team and says what game he want's to make. Just saying, cause i know a lot of people have ideas of a game, and they think that if they are a game designer, they get to just tell other people what and how to make.

  • this was pretty helpful to motivate me and gave me a really good insight into the industry and game design!

  • Holy linear hit box scripts!!……
    Can't wait for a game that can't be scripted; due to it's mass of complexity, and "randomness"….persay.

  • WTF o_O that voice Emilia Schatz 😮

  • I'm currently studying game design! Though I'm honestly not 100% sure it's what I want to do, but nothing else really interests me as much as 3D modelling. :[

  • What they mean when they're talking about gettng a good portafolio (sorry about that last word spelling)????

  • We want online free for ps4! What is the problem? Are you trying to copy xbox? If playstation plus would be free, more people will buy the ps4.

  • FateFate

    Author Reply

    why not sony laptops ?

  • Great video

  • as a game design student the presentation was extremely helpful but the amount of "you know" I heard they saying gave me a headache.
    you know 😉