POKEMON UNITE?! • Pokémon Presents LIVE Reaction • 24/06/2020

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Hyper Potions – Big Snowman

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Outro and Intro Designed By Myself
#PokemonUnite #PokemonShield #NewPokemon


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  • Fun fact bro: They had over 180k dislikes and payed for almost 84k likes then deleted a ton of dislikes and comments! The Pokemon Company lost all respect I had for them

  • I'm HyPE !!!!!!!!

  • Good game

  • This'll be great for my Switch. If I can't go and play VGC, this looks really fun.
    9:25 Lol when he noticed Rotom
    10:00 Amen. Lucario is my favorite Pokemon. If I can't play him in Smash, I can for sure play him here.
    I say let Game Freak take their time with more main series games, these spinoff games still look pretty good. Some people want Stadium to come back, but what about a remaster of Battle Revolution or Colosseum? We still need info on Detective Pikachu 2.

  • On the on hand this should have been part of last one but on the other people shouldn't have been expecting any remakes.. After sword and shield I think everyone should really be on board with game freak actually taking their time on making mainline games and not one every year.. On top if that there is still sword and shield. The dlc is basically a third version or 2.

  • I say we take a bat to the guys knees for only announcing this trash

  • I don't really care about the diamond and pearl remakes and the Johto remakes. All I wanted was to get a little bit of info about the Crown Tundra(like 3-5 minutes) that's all. I am merely sad because pokemon unite took the entirety of this direct and it's not really a genre that interests me. I hope this message makes you realize that I'm not with those who wanted remakes.
    And what I would want in that bit of info : a deeper look of the map, confirmation of alternate forms(primals, complete form, therian forms),a deeper look of the characters/partners and calyrex's sprite in the game/signature move. I don't expect them to show all that, but I would've been nice to have a mere 10-25% of these demands. Sorry if this angers you, but that's how I truly feel.

    But this direct reminded me that Pokémon can do whatever they want and we can't do anything about it except buying their products.
    If they want to make a MOBA game they can. If they want to work with Tencent, they will. Who's stopping them? Us? We have no power over them and we're basically going to play this game anyway and because of that, they will get money off it anyway cuz of the microtransactions. So basically, whether we like it or not, it's a Win-Win for them.

    In Summary: Mr. Tsunekazu Ishihara can do whatever the heck he wants with his company and we have ABSOLUTELY no power to change his decisions. All we can do is accept them whether we like them or not. It's something that we must understand and accept.

  • johnjohn

    Author Reply

    It looks fun 👍👍👍👍

  • I wonder what Pokémon unite will be like?

  • When is this game coming?

  • I feel like I'm the only person who hopes this is fun. Everyone complains about yearly releases for the main series, and then complain again when this isn't Gen4 Remakes, or Lets Go! Johto. People should be happy Pokemon is continuing to branch out into new genres. Mystery Dungeon, Snap, Pokemon Go, Pokken Tournament, that one weird crossover with Samurai Warriors.. These games are all far more interesting and entertaining than the main series these days, at least in my opinion. I don't even know why people expected Gen 4 remakes when Sw/Sh hasn't even finished its DLC yet.

  • I went straight to your video to see the react after i heard it was a moba (first video I seen was the sleep lock with United and your one my favorite youtubers now)

  • My uncle said Pokémon is dead should i show him this channel?

  • Please ask yourself guys. Even if this was a great game I can’t see any MOBA fan thinking a MOBA without being able to directly communicate with your teammates is a terrible idea, especially with trash randoms and trolls. It’ll be great for streamers that can get 4 friends to play with them constantly but not for the majority.

  • Also, for clarification on how business works. Gamefreak and The Pokemon Company would’ve had to have a meeting and Gamefreak would have been pitched this idea and would’ve had to give TPC the go-ahead. This doesn’t mean Gamefreak is at all to blame but it means that TPC made the game sound appealing to GF. On top of that Tencents is the lead producer for this game. So they will have the final say on the product if they choose, The Pokemon Company will be giving them recommendations and advice but Tencents will have the last word. So expect microtransactions, paywalls (notice how it says “free to start” and not “free to play” meaning there will be subscription fees and potentially character unlock payments, shiny skins to purchase etc) and Tencents are well-known for stealing private information.

  • I am trying the game it looks fun 😁

  • Bleh remakes. Pokemon is starting to get too repetitive with all the remakes that even new main games now are not as enjoyable. They need to innovate and this game is a step in the right direction.

  • I play LoL and I can say with full confidence this game will Have toxic players

  • Where is my pokémon black/white 3 😂😂

  • The Pokemon Company seems to really be digging their heels into the "do a little of everything and a lot of not much" philosophy. A toothbrush app, a casual puzzle game, a photography game (sequel), updates to the mobile AR game, updates to the Sw/Sh games, and now a MOBA? They're just putting Pokemon branding on a bunch of disconnected things. Which I guess is cool? But it spreads expectations too thin across everything. Honestly, Snap 2 is the thing I think is the coolest of all these new releases, and I never even liked the original Snap.

  • That’s why people should not look at rumors i may buy this

  • DomDom

    Author Reply

    I'm honestly mad hype but I can understand why people are pissed, just wish they weren't blindly hating on it hard, tencent may be the main part of the problem though I guess.

  • Screw the haters, I'm actually looking forward to League of Legendaries

  • Imagine being hype for a Tencent mobile game -_-

  • they ran out of ideas so they stole league of legends style to try to make it their own lol

  • "The whole presentation is 11 minutes. There might be more than this."
    Oh Lukey. No. You sweet summer child.

  • You have some awful takes on Twitter about this game. This is not what real pokemon fans want. This is a sellout to the ccp owned tencent to get into the China market and make an insane amount of money. It didn't have to be a gen 4 remake but don't make a whole 11 minute video about some shit mobile game like this when it could easily of been 2 minutes of the direct. If anything pokemon snap deserved its own presentation

  • I love this trailer but I feel like they're playing with us lmao trying to get us to forget about the possible Gen 2 and Gen 4 games so they suddenly drop it

  • I would've been totally fine and would've surely tried the game, IF,
    TEN*******CENT wasn't there.
    Pokemon partnered with Tencent would be the last thing I would like to see.

  • The disappointment was so big. I bet a fan made a game 10 times better than this and they deleted it and made a worse version one. No type advantages, point based game, haven’t seen the items (if there even are any), the wild Pokémon’s don’t become your minions, only 10 pokemon to choose from, very lazy map. This is the worse version of a moba they could’ve done. I bet the Chinese community will play this game for a year MAX and everyone else will just hate on this game unless they make it more unique. For now is just a bad version of league of legends but reskinned. Yeah. League of legends made this game mode but scrapped it because it was so bad. And they took it and made it even worse. And the fact that they put this as a stream really backlashed. It should’ve been a trailer

  • Finally, a person who didn't hate it!

  • I just got a Mobile Legends "BANG BANG" ad trying to see your video…

  • Their just pushing all the profitable content for them, ignoring literally everyone else

  • big oof…

  • It's the communication that's going to suck unless u have each other's info

  • I wish someone looked at me, the way Mr. Banana Man looks at Luke

  • i was hoping for more pokemon options maybe in the feature