Probability Comparison: Gaming

From the chances of getting a shiny 6IV Pokemon, to spawning a diamond enchanted chicken jockey or a pink sheep, or even getting an Arcana Drop, StatTrak Kinfe, Dragon Lore or even a Golden Frying Pan, we compare the odds of getting certain rare items, events or characters from games including Fortnite, Minecraft, Terraria, Diablo, Team Fortress, Borderlands, Counter Strike and many more!

Disclaimer: This video is not official. It is purely fan made based on comment suggestions, online community discussions and statistical articles. Numbers listed may be invalidated, incorrect or not up to date. All sources and references in description. All numbers rounded up to 3 significant figures.

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Image Use: There are images and sprites from a copyrighted computer or video game, and the copyright for it are most likely held by the company that developed the game. It is believed that the use of a limited number of web-resolution sprites for identification and critical commentary on the computer or video game in question or the copyrighted character(s) depicted by the sprite/images in question qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law, as such display does not significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the copyrighted material, and presents visual ideas that cannot be exhibited otherwise.


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  • You typed rainbow siege six

  • <3

  • 1 in 10000? For a gold slime for me it’s a 1 in 2

  • Im that rare to find?

  • What about heirlooms

  • 4:26 didn’t except me that “rare”

  • theres a 99% chance you will find some people fighting in the comments in any youtube video.

  • the chance of a shiny Pokémon isn’t that much in Pokémon go

  • As well as giant robot is 1 in 100 million

  • The chance of mythic goldfish is 1 in 1 mil..

  • One time I watched a pink sheep for a while and later I cut his wool and kidnapped the sheep for…

    "Le Wool"

  • Where the fuck is ak-47 blue gem ?? In CSGO

  • What is the probability to find a minidraco shiny first try in pokémon X and Y

  • I win a $3.00 reward from ClipClaps, copy the text and open ClipClaps to share bonus. #eyJpZCI6IjEyNzkzODY5IiwidHlwZSI6MX0=#

  • FujjFujj

    Author Reply

    I did 1 in 100,000 (0.0005%)

  • Bruh didn't see any heirloom from Apex Legends


  • There should be the probability of beating Tartarus in Geometry Dash

  • Probibility of Windows 10 Correctly Showing My Start Tiles: 0.000000000001% Chance.

  • Why brother has all 5 exodia cards

  • I got that 1 in 10000 gold slime

  • Whoa, , my friend got a perfect shinydex, I didn't know he was rare

  • Their have been way to many streamers that have pulled a dragon lore for that’s shit to be 1 in 250000. More like 1 in 550

  • didn't expect to see W.D gaster here

  • Chance of getting every Pokémon shiny with pokerus and perfect IV’s in a row

  • Are "YOU" serious again so I have the rarest thing in games????!!!!!!!

  • There is no such thing as a diamond bow in Minecraft
    This is not an epic gamer moment

  • I picked the pink ship … and i killed her coz i was starving …..

  • so we just gonna ignore the “rainbow siege six”