Rabbids Go Home (Wii) Part 1

In this preview of the game I play and record the first section of the game as a showcase, copy provided by publisher

First look into this quirky oddball of a game.

Rabbids Go Home (Wii) Part 1


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  • Man… This is what I call nostalgia!

  • Omg childhood memories right here

  • I miss this men😢

  • 3xa3xa

    Author Reply

    Low key bothered me u didn’t collect everything, but Ik ur just going through the story XD

  • 10 лет не видел этой игры…

  • Went I Put 2x 6:34

  • I was about 7 or 8 when I played this and I'm 15 now so I get faint memory's about it and I miss it so dam much…. Top 3 games on the wii for sure

  • This game came out on 2009

  • I remember playing this it was so good

  • I remember jamming at the title screen

  • God i miss the days i would play this endlessly

  • LewisLewis

    Author Reply

    I reckon you could still play this game today

  • I fucking miss this shit so much, like I’m just so fucking sad nowadays for no reason and I’m just remembering shit like this, 10 years ago everything was Gucci and now I’m lonely and shit watching rabbits and remembering being a kid when this was all it took to make everything fine. I remember having friends round and shit and laughing when the rabbits burped or whatever and now I just stay up until like 5am staring at a phone screen and feeling nothing, I miss the rabbit gang bro

  • 4:32

  • Childhood I wish we could go back

  • fuck assassin's creed. we need a remaster of rabbids go home. this is ubisoft's underrated masterpiece

  • I played this game so long ago 😭😭

  • 2:00 you hear that? Nostalgia.

  • If you actually think about it, this game is like a wacky PG cartoon version of Grand Theft Auto.

  • I love this game

  • Easily the best game to ever exist. Still remember it to this day. Wish they'd somehow remaster it for PS4 or PC or something.

  • This game hit different as a kid

  • We need Rabbids go home for the Switch!

  • Dar WDar W

    Author Reply

    I remember this game. Brings back my memories

  • time for some nostalgia

  • Song at 2:02?

  • Miss this game.

  • Ah yes, nostalgia

  • NexoNexo

    Author Reply

    This was my childhood
    Best game ever

  • This game was fucking lit.. especially the end

  • Ahh this game brings back memories

  • This game reminds me over the hedge with rabbids

  • I know this was 10 years ago but I lived on this

  • omg this game was my childhood. this was my motivation everyday waking up in the morning and i thought i was the only person that played this game.My brother hated this game because the rabbids sounded annoying to him but they were music to my dogs chewed on the disc so it sadly broke but yall best beleive im buying another copy on amazon and playing it before the decade ends.

  • 0:30
    Ubisoft: Oh, hey! Uhhh… What are you doing?
    (Rabbids pick up Ubisoft)
    Ubisoft: HEY! LET GO OF ME! STOP!
    (Ubisoft Montipellier presents)

  • This game used to scare me I don't know why

  • Wow I haven't this game in like years and I'm 11 years old so much memories

  • Holy shit broski, this game was so underrated. I’ve got the biggest fucking grin on my face right now

  • I am overdosing on nostalgia right now. Like Jesus Christ.

  • I'm using to play this game I was remember to play this game I was young but thanks from my childhood

  • Looking back, is this game actually a massive social allegory for a band of marginalized perpetually roaming gypsies in search of eternal rest?

  • i want to play this again so much

  • The memorys

  • This is so nostalgic

  • Mmmm yes nostalgia