Reactor Energy Sector Tycoon – Full Game Playthrough & Guide

The objective of the game ( Reactor Energy Sector Tycoon ) is to make money and unlock all the research. You do this by building power plants (eg windmills, solar panels, nuclear power plants). At first you can only build windmills which are special. They are the only power producer which does not require a generator to capture the heat they give off. So build about 10 of these to start and click the top right button which sells the power you generate for money. You will then want to go into the research menu and research the “small research center”. Once you build one or more of these you’ll start building up research points which are needed to progress in the game.

You can get free money via gifts that pop up every few minutes as well as from Nikola Tesla who will popup and offer a larger sum of money if you watch an advertisement. There is also a squid (the one on the right) which will increase the effectiveness of your office (which sells power) by 5% each time you level your squid up. These squid powerups are cheap to start so you can just spend in game dollars but later in the game you can watch a video ad if you can’t afford the upgrade. You can upgrade your squid every 15 mins.

Once you have enough research points you can unlock the office for 500 research points. The office will automatically sell the power you generate so you won’t need to click that top right button ever again. At this point build 10 or more research buildings to quickly get enough research (2500 points) for the solar panel. All power generators from the solar panel and beyond produce heat which you need to capture with a generator. You need to build the generators before the solar panel, or the solar panel will explode. If that happens the game shows you a quick tutorial to explain that detail which is nice.

You start with a small generator which has some max heat it can handle and converts a certain amount heat into power. You can upgrade these two properties of the generator in the upgrades menu (the up arrow) on the left on mobile. Batteries I found to be pretty much useless but they let you store power before you sell it. I make sure to have enough offices to always sell all my power so I didn’t use them. Sometimes you may need to build 1-4 generators for a power producer. In this case, all 4 generators need to touch the power producer.

From this point on things become somewhat repetitive as you unlock larger and larger (offices, power plants, research buildings and generators). Land is limited so you’ll end up deleting lower level buildings to make room for higher level buildings. You can also unlock new sections of land (hidden by clouds) for in game cash or real money if you choose to. The first one can be unlocked for 1 million dollars which comes fairly soon in the game.

Your map will be roughly covered with 1/3rd power generation 1/3rd offices and 1/3rd research. This mix may change as you unlock more powerful versions of each type. The loop until the end game becomes:

— Delete old generators + power + research + offices for newer versions
— Build generators + power
— Build offices to sell that power
— Spend research on new power types
— Find out the generator can’t handle all the power
— Upgrade the generator effectiveness
— Offices can’t sell power fast enough (upgrade them)
— Waiting too long for new research (upgrade research buildings)
— Rinse and repeat until all research is unlocked

Endgame: Once you have unlocked all research you can start over with a 4x bonus on three things: power plant earnings, generator efficiency, office efficiency.

Tips: There are a few special bugged tree areas that allow you to build offices on top of. I’ll show those in the video. Rarely will you need to upgrade a power plant since the more powerful version is coming soon. You don’t need to spend any real money to get to the end of the game. It takes roughly 1-7 days to finish the game depending on how many hours you put in each day. You may not be able to build the Dark Energy Reactor during your first playthrough unless you wait a very long time to collect enough money to upgrade your Ultra Generator.

12:18 Timelapse starts
22:26 Bugged tree plots that you can build on
25:10 Just before end of game
25:41 The end of all research (end of game)

Thanks to Robert Grzybek for making this game. You can find it here for Android:

and for iOS devices:


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