Sekigahara – How To Play

In this video we’re going to learn how to play Sekigahara!

*NOTE:* At 11:26, the forced march in that situation would be illegal, because earlier I had benefited a highway bonus, and then chose to travel on a [u]road[/u] for the forced march (which would negate the highway bonus). I could have force marched further to the west though.
*NOTE:* When gaining a leadership bonus from a leader block in your stack, you only have to declare that a leader is there, you do not have to actually show your opponent (though you must be honest!)
*NOTE*: Leaders who deploy without a card are immune from Loyalty Challenge.

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  • This is great! Going to be watching this again and drinking beers and setting this up this afternoon with my wargame bud. Looking forward to it!

  • One of the greatest, if not THE greatest 1on1 boardgame.

  • Rodney to the rescue again. Thanks.

  • Amazing! I’ve been wanting to play this for a while and was hiding from the rule book. Excellently done, as always.

    (If I was able to request a game, I’d beg to see you do Conquest of Paradise)

    Thank you again.

  • I can never thank Rodney enough for these how to play videos. He really knows what he's doing. Perfect organization of how to explain, perfect pronunciation, perfect, absolutely perfect.

  • Hi guys!

    I just made a cinematic documentary video of the battle of Sekigahara. I use some parts from BBC documentary and some from recording my own copy.

    I spoke in Thai but I also provided English subtitles too! I am sure not many people made this kind of video for any game before, so I really want you all to give it a try 🙂 

    Comments are more than welcome!

    Best regards,

  • C KC K

    Author Reply

    Great video, please do Combat Commander:)

  • Question in regards to movement. Say you discard one card to move three stacks. When you have say six blocks in a single location and you wish to split them up so they don't all move together. For instance, I want to split the six blocks into three stacks of two. Does moving each stack of two count as one of my three movements? Or does the original stack of six, splitting it up into three stacks of two blocks each going different directions, count as a single movement action? For reference, the question came to me when watching the movement explanation at around 6:11. I'm assuming from the point at around the 11:00 mark, that it all counts as one movement, but wasn't sure. Thanks so much for doing this video! I've been wanting to get into some war games and bought Sekigahara solely because you did this video.

  • Another brilliant video!

  • Love this game but I notice you have the same problem I and others did, with the gold blocks being varying shades. GMT sent me replacements which are all the same!

  • as someone who loves Japanese culture and history, this game is will be added to my collection soon!

  • Wow! Thanks, Rodney. An amazing job on what is a potentiality complex ruleset – you have my undying gratitude, attention, and every blessing I can throw at you and GMT to see more of these kind of videos… A fantastic job all-round that has me itching to try this game and more GMT wargames, although not 'til next year since I'm not buying new ones in 2019… 🙏😍👋👌👍🎉🍰

  • Brilliant. More GMT please.

  • PS: If anyone would like to play on VASSAL lmk.

  • Excellent work sir! Would love to see videos on all the games in the COIN series as well as Labyrinth.

  • I'm going to play this game tonight, thank you for that excellent video!

    Also, that box lid spin at the end was just icing on the cake. Only a true master can pull that off

  • On the point at 28:10 "if you have losses, then they must be taken from any that defected to your opponent" – just to clarify, if you have 2 blocks that defected, and you have 2 blocks lost, this means you HAVE to remove both of those blocks, right?

  • Distant plain please

  • This is such a fine game. You do a wonderful job explaining the movement rules, which can take a few games to get down. Thanks!

  • Empire of the Sun next please 😛

  • Great video. Can the Loyalty cards be used against the Tokugawa, Ishida or Red Devils blocks? Thanks.

  • So many GMT games would be perfect for your template

  • THANKS FOR THE VID!!! This game is immedatly included in my urgent to get list!!! Thanks for the walk through GMT game Rulz!!!!

  • Thank you for this great tutorial, Rodney! The game has been sitting on my shelf for a year, but now with your help it became digestible at last. 🙂 I have one question about the rules: in 9:20 you say that you have to show the leader (or one of the leaders) to your opponent in order to get the leadership movement bonus. If you split this troop during the movement how (or can you) keep it secret from your opponent in which one of the two (or more) groups is that leader now?

  • The game looks intereating but it's quite a lot to digest. It left my head spinning. Awesome vid!

  • Beat video you’ve ever done sir

  • Just a recommendation can you do a how to play for last night on earth?

  • I thought you got lost made a wrong turn…a wargame wow great!!!!!

  • Very good explanation. I'm glad it's a wargame and hope for more.

  • More GMT games please!

  • Hey Rodney pls play the new villainous expansion

  • Sekigahara is just such an awesome game, I am glad it got the Royal Rodney Smith treatment, hopefully there are more GMT games in the horizon 🙂 This was great news.

  • is this the first war game tutorial on this channel? Rodney grognard mode activated

  • Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That was a ton of info. Bravo! Rodney. I like the new non-chalant intro. It feels like you are so comfortable, you are practically in my living room. When will we get the holo-Rodney version to teach our home games each game night?

  • I am SO SO SO Happy to see you explaining this!! Thank you so much! 😀

  • Thank you so much!! This has needed the watch it played treatment, now we can play it 🙂

  • So glad Watch it Played is convering the more "expert" GMT games, making them approachable to a broader public.

    We ought to nominate Rodney Smith for the Coolest Guy On the Internet title.

  • This would be good to play after beating "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" on PS4.

  • Thank you so much for making this! I was afraid it would stay on my shelf unplayed after glancing at the rulebook.

  • Great game, but the movement rules are very convoluted at first

  • This is surreal.

  • Number of takes needed to capture that smoothly flipping box top flourish: 1
    Number of takes required to avoid unwanted game box flatulence: over 9000

  • Well done, as always, Rodney. Thanks for getting this content out there, looking forward to sending this to future opponents to avoid having to do the teach myself 🙂

  • What a blessing! I must learn and play this game. 🙂 Thanks for the video.

  • So excited you're doing this!!!!

  • Thank you so much!!!!! I just bought this game and was wondering if you were going to make a war game someday. Thanks, thanks, thanks!